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Data Labeling Rater (Project Powwow) – Outbound Calls

We are looking for raters who are willing to do outbound calls to business establishments and who have strong understanding and experience in labeling for our Powwow project!

Please review the Guidelines in full.


  • To determine if a business is open or not. If open, then collect the business hours.


  • To qualify for this project, you will take a qualification quiz in Appen Connect and in ADAP tool.
  • Once you passed the qualification, you will proceed to production using ADAP Tool.
  • If you don't have an account already, then click here to sign up on ADAP. Please sign up using the same email address you use for Appen Connect.


  • Commitment to work up to 6 hours or more on days when work is available, though you are a contractor and can set your own hours. We will provide a schedule and a link to the task.
  • If you are unable to work on a scheduled day, then you can report unavailability and not be penalized.
  • Commitment to make 18 calls/ratings per hour on average.
  • Availability to become a part of our rater pool and be on call for future tasks.
  • Flexibility to work from 1 day or more per week, though there will be periods of time when no work is available.
  • To complete the task on this project, you will need to use your own phone and pay the associated expenses.
  • You should not be collecting any personal information (anything when used alone or with other relevant data that can identify an individual such as full names) in your calls. You should also refrain from adding any personal information about yourself to any task text you submit.

Join our team and become a part of our rater pool!