Frequently Asked Questions – Job Seeker

Welcome to the Wahojobs FAQ page for Job Seekers! We're thrilled to have you here as you embark on your job search journey.

What is this website all about?

Wahojobs is a job board specializing in online opportunities that virtually anyone can do. We list these jobs, list the companies offering them, and provide detailed information about them through our blog.

Is Wahojobs legit?

Absolutely, Wahojobs was founded with the specific aim of becoming the most trusted resource for finding legitimate work-from-home opportunities. Unlike many job boards in this space that may engage in practices like endlessly redirecting users or focusing merely on email capture, we prioritize your genuine need for reliable and attainable work-from-home jobs.

Every job listing directs you to the actual application page, and our editorial guidelines ensure that all our content, including job listings and blog articles, meet rigorous standards for authenticity and credibility. We've built our platform to be the go-to resource for job seekers from all walks of life who are looking for verified, real, and actionable work-from-home opportunities.

I have applied for a job listed on this website. How long will it take to hear back from the company offering the job?

We have no control over the response time of companies. We cannot tell if and when they will get back to you.

Can I trust that a job posted on Wahojobs is genuine and reliable?

We do our best to ensure that we only include jobs that are genuine, trustworthy, and free from scams. However, we can also make mistakes. If you ever come across a job listed here that is proven to be misleading, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately so that we can remove the job from the site, if we deem it appropriate.

Upon receiving a user report, how does Wahojobs decide if a job should be removed from the site?

We have an internal process that is being worked on, which involves contacting the company for clarification, among other things. We expect to improve this process over time and provide more details in due course.

In what situations is it appropriate to contact you?

Besides reporting suspicious listings, you can also contact us if you come across any information that seems inaccurate or incomplete. We are committed to delivering reliable and accurate information about the online job opportunities and remote companies we feature. Your feedback helps us continually enhance our platform and uphold our standards of integrity and reliability.

Can I contact you for any other reason?

While it is possible to contact us for any other reason, please note that we cannot guarantee a response. Information about the application status of a specific job must be addressed directly to the company offering the job. Contacting us about matters outside of our scope will invariably result in your email not being answered.

What criteria do you use to assign specific tags to the online jobs listed on this site?

When it comes to tagging job opportunities, we adhere to a meticulous and systematic approach. If a company is proactively advertising a job, we encourage them to freely choose and assign appropriate tags that align with our specific tag definitions.

If a job listing appears on our site as a courtesy from us, we take the initiative to research and assign suitable tags, guided by the same tag definitions. In such instances, we will try to reach out to the company within a week of posting the job to review the tags we've assigned. The company is then given the opportunity to modify these tags once, free of charge, if they so wish.

Does Wahojobs offer custom GPTs for job seekers?

Yes, Wahojobs offers custom GPTs. We've developed AI-driven career coaches like the Easy Part-Time Online Jobs Advisor and the No Experience WFH Jobs Coach for Moms to assist job seekers in finding suitable online employment opportunities. These GPTs are tailored to provide guidance specific to different job search needs and are part of our ongoing efforts to introduce innovative tools that help you get closer to your ideal job.