FAQ for Employers

General Information

Who can use Wahojobs?

Wahojobs is designed for companies offering online work that can be done from home. Originally focused on entry-level positions, our platform now includes a wider range of roles.

What is the history and reach of Wahojobs?

Formerly known as Search Evaluator, a leading blog for online jobs at Appen and TELUS International AI, Wahojobs has rebranded and expanded. We now attract around 50,000 unique monthly visitors and continue to grow.

Posting Jobs

How can I post a job on Wahojobs?

To post a job, email us at contact@wahojobs.com with the subject "Advertising Inquiry." Include job details and use your official business email to ensure a timely response.

What are the costs associated with posting a job on Wahojobs?

Our pricing is competitive and reflects market rates. For specific pricing details, please contact us through your business email.

Can companies post on-site job opportunities on Wahojobs?

Wahojobs exclusively lists online, home-based jobs. We do not accept listings for in-office positions.

Job Listing Management

What if I find inaccurate or outdated job information on Wahojobs?

Please contact us directly to update any job information. We provide every company with a one-time courtesy edit to ensure accuracy.

How can I remove unauthorized job listings from Wahojobs?

Although we consider publicly listed jobs on company websites as fair game for sharing, we respect the preferences of companies and will collaborate to promptly address any concerns, including unauthorized listings.

Custom Deals and Policies

Can you explain Wahojobs' approach to creating custom deals for clients?

At Wahojobs, we operate on a custom offer model tailored to the unique potential and results of each client relationship. Our goal is to develop deals that are satisfactory for all parties involved. This process of trial and error can take a few months, which is why we seek clients with a long-term perspective.

Does Wahojobs offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds, as our focus is on adjusting and refining deals based on the ongoing performance of previous campaigns. Over time, this flexibility allows us to craft solutions that ensure our clients feel their investment is yielding returns.

Tagging System

How are job listings tagged on Wahojobs?

Job listings are tagged based on a detailed and systematic approach to ensure relevance and accuracy. Advertisers have the freedom to select and modify tags to best represent their job listings, ensuring effective targeting and categorization.

AI Tools

What is the new AI Tools section on Wahojobs?

Our new "Work Smarter with AI" section provides job seekers with access to various AI tools that can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their work. We are proud to be one of the few job sites that assist our users in selecting the optimal AI tools for their specific requirements.

Can employers feature their AI tools in the AI Tools section?

Currently, it is not possible to feature individual AI tools directly through the AI Tools section. This functionality is planned for future development. For now, we are focused on curating a selection of tools that can assist job seekers in various aspects of their work.

How does Wahojobs select AI tools to feature?

We carefully review and select AI tools that are most beneficial and relevant to our audience. Our goal is to empower job seekers by providing them with tools that can significantly improve their job performance and productivity.