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Frequently Asked Questions – Employer

Welcome to the Wahojobs FAQ page for Employers! We're thrilled to provide you with the information you need to make the most of our services.

Who is Wahojobs for?

Wahojobs was initially a work-at-home job board specializing in entry-level online opportunities. We have since expanded our offerings to include specialized roles in categories like Developer, Marketing, and more coming soon. If your company offers online work that can be done from home, Wahojobs is for you.

Is Wahojobs a new site and does it have any traffic?

Wahojobs is a rebranding and expansion of Search Evaluator, the then leading blog for online jobs at Appen and TELUS International AI. Our organic traffic is at around 50,000 visitors per month and it's growing rapidly.

How can I post a job on this website?

To add your job posting to our website, please email with the subject line "Advertising Inquiry" and provide further details. Be sure to write from your business email address to ensure a response.

Is it expensive to post a job at Wahojobs?

Our prices are competitive and in line with market rates. For details, reach out to us with your business email address.

Can my company post on-site opportunities at Wahojobs (i.e. jobs that are done in person in a physical office)?

No, our website is exclusively for online jobs that can be done from home. We do not accept in-office job listings.

Can my company advertise opportunities in a job category that is not currently listed on this website?

Of course, as long as the opportunity is for online work that can be done from home. Our list of categories is ever-expanding, and we are open to adding new specialized roles.

There are job openings from our company listed on your site, but the details aren't accurate or current. What should we do?

We kindly ask that you reach out to us, and we'll promptly make the necessary updates to the job information. Regardless of whether the job posting is paid or not, we provide every company with a one-time courtesy edit to ensure the job details are accurate and up to date.

There are job listings from our company on your site that we didn't authorize. Can these be removed?

Our platform operates on the principle that job postings made public on a company's website are public information, with the intention of being shared to reach a wider audience. However, we are committed to working collaboratively with all organizations and will work with you to address any issues you may have, including the removal of a job post.

What criteria do you use to assign specific tags to the online jobs listed on this site?

When it comes to tagging job opportunities, we adhere to a meticulous and systematic approach. If your company is proactively advertising a job with us, you can freely choose and assign appropriate tags that align with our specific tag definitions.

If a job listing appears on our site as a courtesy from us, we first take the initiative to research and assign suitable tags, guided by the same tag definitions. After that, we will try to reach out to the company within a week of posting the job to review the tags we've assigned. The company is then given the opportunity to modify these tags once, free of charge, if they so wish.

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