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Image Collector (Project Brody)

Help us collect images of day-to-day use common documents/images of varying nature in English and/or your local languages using your phone camera. Documents will be a mix of handwritten or printed and MUST be legitimate documents.

We are looking for a collection of daily documents that meet the categories like homework, menus, newspapers, media covers etc. to name a few. The idea is that the user would take the images like they were using Google Lens for translation or trying to know more information about something.

  • Quick and easy
  • Good earning potential
  • Fast turnaround


  • Must submit business documents in English and the local language
  • Mobile Phone with google lens
  • Must be 18+ years

Access to handwritten or printed documents like the following but not limited to homework, menus, newspapers, media covers, etc.


This project pay rate is task-based and not paid at an hourly rate. One task rate is equal to 50 accepted images that meet all quality standards and guideline specifications. If you have less than 50 accepted images, the pay rate will be divided by the number of accepted images.