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Wordtune - AI Writing Assistant

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$24.99 - $37.5 / month


Wordtune is an AI-powered writing assistant designed to enhance writing quality and efficiency. It offers features like instant paraphrasing, summarization, original content creation, grammar checking, and more.

Core Features

  • Rewrite (AI Writing Assistant): Enhances writing from a single word to an entire page, offering recommendations to perfect writing while eliminating concerns about grammar or spelling errors.

  • Enhance Your Productivity: Accelerates writing tasks with AI-generated suggestions, maintaining the writer's unique style and allowing for further personalization with facts or humor.

  • Create With AI: Facilitates the creation of content from scratch using personalized templates, enabling the generation of quality content such as emails, LinkedIn posts, and creative headlines with a single click.

  • Summarizer: Reduces time spent reading or watching by summarizing YouTube videos, blog articles, PDFs, etc., allowing users to focus on essential information only.

  • AI Answers: Creates a personalized knowledge base within the Wordtune library, using trusted sources for accurate answers and facilitating information retrieval with AI-driven Q&A and semantic search.

  • Cross-Platform Availability: Offers support across various platforms, including desktop, mobile devices, and favorite apps, ensuring accessibility wherever the user works.

  • Generative AI You Can Rely On: Provides factual content verified from at least five sources, ensuring credibility and reliability in the information presented.

  • Enterprise-Level Security: Prioritizes privacy and security, adhering to compliance standards to protect user data effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does one use Wordtune on their browser?

Wordtune can be used across various writing platforms including Google Docs, Gmail, Slack, Facebook, Twitter, Web Outlook, LinkedIn, Whatsapp Web, and frase.io, among others. For Google Chrome users, they can head to the Chrome Web Store to add Wordtune. Users should highlight their text, click the purple Wordtune icon, and prepare to be impressed. Microsoft Edge users can find Wordtune in the Add-on Store with similar usage instructions. Wordtune Editor Site also allows direct writing online for more suggestions and tips. For Microsoft Word, Wordtune is available in the Add-Ins store in Microsoft Office or online on Microsoft 365.

What are the benefits of getting the premium version of Wordtune?

Wordtune's advanced Artificial Intelligence provides rewriting and upgrading services for both free and Premium accounts. However, without a Premium account, users will not have access to features such as changing the tone of writing from Casual to Formal and expanding or shortening the length of papers or articles. Free accounts come with a limited number of rewrites per day. Premium users enjoy unlimited rewrites, access to numerous language features as they are released, and the capability to rewrite whole paragraphs at a time.

How does Wordtune create Rewrite suggestions? Is this considered plagiarism?

Wordtune does not take content directly from other literature or sites. Wordtune has developed its own AI algorithm and trained it to make original suggestion on writing. For those interested in the technical side, Wordtune uses an advanced Machine Learning model trained with large datasets of written material to learn proficiency and patterns in English language of the highest quality.

If someone speaks another language, can Wordtune support their writing?

Wordtune is invaluable for non-native English speakers globally, capable of translating Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi, Korean, Hebrew, Russian, German, French, or Portuguese into English, then proceeding to rewrite and edit the text in English.

What sources does Wordtune rely on when providing facts?

Wordtune's Spices feature produces suggestions that may include specific facts, such as statistics or historical facts, always attributing these facts to their original source. These facts are typically sourced from reputable reference sites, including news articles, academic publications, Wikipedia articles, and other recognized online sources. Wordtune always provides a link to the specific page from which the fact was taken, allowing users to verify the information themselves.

Sometimes, Wordtune changes the meaning of text. Why does this happen?

Wordtune generates suggestions by identifying patterns and principles of effective writing in human language from extensive bodies of text. Occasionally, it may offer a suggestion that alters the text's meaning or presents common phrases and ideas. While Wordtune cannot see individual writings, its AI has learned from all existing writings, tailoring suggestions to the user's topic and word choice. Wordtune allows for some creative freedom in its suggestions, which may sometimes seem out of context or irrelevant.

Does Wordtune have an API?

Wordtune now offers its own application programming interface (API), allowing integration of Wordtune’s generative AI into other apps, platforms, and products. For more information about task-specific APIs, interested parties are directed to the AI21 Studio webpage.

For additional questions and answers, visit Wordtune’s FAQ page.