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Squibler - AI Story Writer

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Squibler''s AI Story Writer helps users create and publish books, novels, and screenplays quickly and efficiently. It provides a range of templates and AI-assisted tools to develop stories from idea to hard copy.


Core Features

  • AI-Enhanced Writing: Assists in generating and editing content, developing chapters or scenes based on user inputs.

  • Elements Creation: Helps in creating story elements like characters, settings, and objects to enrich narratives.

  • Done-for-You Hardcover and Printing: Offers services to design book covers and handle the printing process.

  • Visuals Generation: Generates images and short videos to complement the story.

  • Goal Tracking: Allows setting and tracking of word count goals for better progress management.

  • Project Management: Organizes projects and chapters, keeping everything structured and accessible.

  • Collaboration Tools: Enables multiple users to review and edit the story in real-time.

  • Templates: Provides various templates for different genres to kickstart the writing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an AI-powered story writer do?

The Squibler AI story writer helps authors write better stories faster by creating and editing content and keeping work organized through features like word count goals, story element generation, a priorities list, and collaboration capabilities. It supports writers from a blank page to printing.

Is it ethical to use AI to write books and screenplays?

Using AI in the writing workflow is ethical and a common practice. Squibler's Smart Writer assists in the writing process without replacing the author's creativity. It helps alleviate writer's block and streamline the process while keeping the author's unique voice and style prominent.

How does Squibler's AI work?

Users start by choosing a template that fits their genre, then use the element generation tool to create characters, settings, and objects. The Smart Writer helps integrate these elements into the story. Squibler's AI assists in enhancing and visualizing the narrative, with tools for tracking progress and joining a community for support.

Does using Squibler require any writing experience?

Squibler is suitable for writers of all levels, from novices to experts. Beginners gain insights into story structure and character development, while experienced authors benefit from advanced suggestions and a distraction-free environment. Squibler caters to all levels of expertise.

Can I collaborate with other writers while using Squibler?

Yes, Squibler supports real-time collaboration, allowing multiple users to review and edit the story. Authors can invite collaborators to view, edit, or comment on specific files or entire projects, making the content creation and revision process easier.

Can I set a daily word count goal for myself?

Yes, Squibler allows writers to set daily or file word count goals, providing a structured approach to writing projects. This feature helps maintain consistency and track progress, enhancing content with AI-generated scenes while keeping the narrative length and pace.

How do I get started with a template?

To start with a template, select one that aligns with your project, such as a comedy screenplay or a romance novel. Edit the story elements and add new ones. Use the Generate Scene feature under the Smart Writer to create the story, and the 'Ask Me Anything' feature to brainstorm ideas.

How does Squibler ensure the uniqueness of a generated story?

Squibler generates unique and engaging stories tailored to each writer's vision. The AI story algorithms produce original content aligned with narrative goals. By inputting specific parameters, writers guide the AI to create a narrative that reflects their voice and style, refined through their creative input.

Does Squibler claim any rights or ownership over what I write in the tool?

No, Squibler does not claim any rights over the content inputted or generated by the AI story maker. All creative work remains entirely the author's own.