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AI Letter Writer

By Simplified



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$18 - $49 / month


Simplified''s AI Letter Writer helps you create engaging, plagiarism-free letters in over 30 languages with just a few clicks. Use multiple templates to quickly generate thank-you notes, fundraising letters, and other official correspondence without spending time researching or editing.


Core Features

  • Multiple Letter Templates: Choose from a variety of templates to quickly draft thank you letters, fundraising notes, inquiries, and more.

  • Supports 30+ Languages: Write letters in over 30 languages, making it accessible for users worldwide.

  • 5000 Words Free Credit: Users can generate up to 5000 words of content for free each month.

  • Long-Form Letter Writer: Create detailed letters effortlessly with the long-form content generator.

  • Collaborative Features: Organize folders, tag team members, and comment in real-time to streamline your workflow.

  • Instant Plagiarism-Free Content: Generate natural-sounding, original letters that are free of plagiarism.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Simplified’s intuitive design makes letter writing quick and easy for students, professionals, and business owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where on the site can the AI Letter Writer be accessed?

The AI Letter Writer can be accessed by logging into the Simplified website. Navigate to the AI Assistant and click on Long Form Writer.

Who is the AI Letter Writer for?

Simplified’s AI Letter Writer is designed for students, professionals, and business owners who need to generate natural-sounding, plagiarism-free, and engaging letters in their native language.

What can Simplified’s AI Letter Writer do?

The AI Letter Writer can expedite the letter-writing process by creating compelling letters for personal or business use in a few minutes. It helps draft perfect letters for any occasion without the need for extensive research, writing, or editing.