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$9 - $29 / month


Rytr's Email Generator streamlines the creation of professional emails by leveraging AI. It allows users to generate emails in over 30 languages and customize the tone from a selection of more than 20 options.

Core Features

  • Multilingual Support: Enables the creation of compelling emails in over 30 languages, facilitating global communication.

  • Tone Customization: Offers the ability to inject personality into emails with 20+ preset tones or a customizable option to match your brand voice.

  • Simple Input for Generation: Allows users to provide a phrase, sentence, or keyword as a starting point for the AI to automatically generate a full-fledged email.

  • Instant AI-Generated Output: Delivers professionally crafted emails instantly, with the option for continuous refinement to achieve the perfect message.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Rytr create content?

Rytr employs state-of-the-art GPT-3 based language models provided by OpenAI, which have been trained on extensive internet data to predict the likelihood of the next word based on a given input scenario. These models have been further fine-tuned for specific use cases with an additional layer of training data and copywriting formulas such as AIDA, PAS, FAB, among others.

Is the content original?

Rytr is designed to generate unique content for the most part. For instance, when generating three outputs for any use case, Rytr processes the input data three separate times, resulting in different outputs for each. However, given its training on web data, the language AI may occasionally produce duplicate outputs, particularly with short-form content. A native plagiarism checker is available to assess content authenticity and make necessary adjustments. However, the general recommendation is to view the generated output as preliminary ideas or suggestions requiring further refinement before publication. Users are advised to review and edit the outputs prior to publishing them anywhere.

How to write long-form blogs & articles using Rytr?

The process for writing long-form articles or blogs with Rytr involves several steps:

  • Start by generating the Blog Idea and Outline using just a few keywords.

  • Mix and match the generated outlines and edit headings as needed to finalize section topics. The more descriptive the headings with keywords, the better.

  • For each topic, select it along with the keywords and use the "Paragraph" option from the ribbon to write content.

  • If additional content is needed beyond what the paragraph command provides, users can select a portion of text (100-1000 characters) to continue from and click on "Continue Ryting" from the ribbon.

  • By repeating these steps throughout the text, users can produce an SEO-friendly blog efficiently.

  • Alternatively, the Blog Section Writing use case can be selected, inputting the section topic and keywords to achieve similar results.

Who owns the content?

Rytr does not claim copyright over content generated for its users or their end users. Users have the freedom to utilize the content as they wish but bear the responsibility of ensuring its authenticity before publishing it anywhere.