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By Prisma Labs




Lensa by Prisma AI is a photo editing application that leverages artificial intelligence to enhance portraits and selfies. It provides advanced editing features that allow users to effortlessly refine and stylize their images.


Core Features

  • Magic Correction: Offers a one-tap solution for facial retouching, simplifying the enhancement of facial features.

  • Advanced Editing Tools: Provides a range of tools to correct imperfections and perfect the appearance of faces in photos.

  • Background Replacement and Blur: Allows users to easily replace or blur the background of a photo with a single touch.

  • Independent Tuning of Foreground and Background: Enables separate adjustments of the foreground and background, offering detailed control over the composition.

  • Unique Filters and Special Effects: Includes a variety of filters and effects to enhance photos and add a creative touch.

  • Photo Borders: Allows users to add decorative borders, giving photos a distinctive edge.