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AI Headshot Generator by Fotor

By Fotor



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$8.99 - $19.99 / month


Fotor's AI Headshot Generator allows users to easily create professional and realistic HD AI headshots for business profiles, resumes, and social media. It transforms everyday snapshots into professional photos, offering a variety of styles for different needs.


Core Features

  • Professional and Realistic HD AI Headshots: Enables quick creation of high-quality, professional headshots for various uses, such as business profiles, resumes, and social media.

  • Wide Application Range: Ideal for corporate, realtor, actor headshots, and more, offering a versatile solution for professional photo needs.

  • AI-Enhanced Transformations: Transforms ordinary portraits into professional AI-generated headshots with studio-quality, enhancing professionality.

  • Diverse Styles and Backgrounds: Offers a selection of headshot styles and backgrounds, including business suits and office settings, for both male and female portraits.

  • Professional AI Headshots for Teams: Facilitates the creation of consistent and professional team member profiles, enhancing brand image and online presence.

  • LinkedIn and Social Media Enhancement: Designed to produce standout headshots for LinkedIn and other social media platforms, elevating users' professional online presence.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Simple process involving uploading photos, selecting a style, and generating headshots, accessible to all users.

  • Multiple Results Availability: Users can enjoy a variety of AI-generated options and select their favorite, ensuring satisfaction with the output.

  • Accessibility: Available online and as an app, ensuring users can generate headshots anytime, anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AI Headshot Generator?

The AI Headshot Generator is a tool that employs advanced artificial intelligence technology to craft personalized and professional headshot photos based on inputs such as descriptions or existing images. Fotor's AI formal photo maker is equipped with a variety of artistic styles to accommodate diverse preferences and needs.

How Much are AI Headshots?

For new users, Fotor's AI Headshot Generator is available at no cost for creating their preferred headshot picture. Upon the first-time registration of a Fotor account, users are awarded 5 bonus credits. These credits can be used to produce a wide selection of AI images, including AI avatars, AI portraits, AI selfies, among other forms of AI art. New account registrants are encouraged to leverage the complimentary credits to explore the versatile features of Fotor's AI Headshot Generator.

Is There an AI Headshot Generator App?

Indeed, Fotor provides not just online support for creating professional photos with AI, but also an AI Headshot Generator app. This enables users to produce their unique headshots at any time and from any location.

Are AI Generated Headshots Suitable for Professional Use?

Absolutely. Fotor's AI Headshot Generator is designed for a broad spectrum of professional applications, including but not limited to social media profiles, business profiles, and resumes. The high quality and adaptability of AI-generated headshots render them an excellent resource for enhancing one's professional image.