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NovelAI - AI Story Teller

By NovelAI



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$10 - $25 / month


NovelAI is an AI-powered platform that helps users write and illustrate stories with unparalleled creative freedom. It offers tools for text generation, image generation, and customizable writing environments to support authors in crafting unique narratives.


Core Features

  • AI-Powered Writing: Generate human-like text based on your input, enabling the creation of high-quality literature.

  • Image Generation: Visualize characters and scenes from your stories using advanced AI models, including Anime Art AI.

  • Text Adventure Module: Engage in interactive storytelling with an open-ended adventure module.

  • Customizable Editor: Personalize the writing space with theme editing, font adjustments, and color scheme changes.

  • Secure Storage: Keep your stories private with encrypted storage, ensuring only you can access your work.

  • AI Modules: Draw upon specific themes, replicate famous writers, or train the AI with your own data for tailored outputs.

  • Lorebook: Manage world-building details and ensure AI-generated content aligns with your story’s rules.

  • Memory: The AI remembers a significant amount of context (up to 8192 tokens) to maintain coherence in longer texts.