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By Huntr



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$40 / month


Huntr's Resume Tailor employs AI to help users tailor their resumes for each job application, enhancing their chances of securing interviews. It analyzes job descriptions, extracting keywords, qualifications, and responsibilities, and integrates these into the user's resume.


Core Features

  • AI Resume Tailoring: Utilizes AI to tailor resumes specifically for each job application, enhancing match scores based on keywords, job requirements, and more.

  • Keyword Match Tool: Extracts job-specific keywords from postings and integrates them into resumes to optimize for applicant tracking systems (ATS).

  • Responsibilities Match: Automatically identifies and matches job posting responsibilities with the user's resume content, suggesting improvements.

  • Qualifications Match: Tailors user qualifications to each job posting, communicating why the user is qualified for the role, using AI guidance.

  • AI Support for Resume Building: Offers real-time AI assistance to help users articulate how their skills and achievements match job postings effectively.

  • Job Match Score: Provides an instant job match score with feedback, assessing the user’s resume alignment with job postings for better tailoring.

  • Application Autofill: Saves time on job applications with a Chrome extension that autofills application forms with one click.

  • AI Cover Letters: Generates perfectly tailored cover letters in seconds, blending the user’s background with the job’s specific requirements.

  • Resume Checker: Checks resumes for spelling, length, impactful use of metrics, repetition, and more, to ensure resumes stand out to employers.

  • Gorgeous Resume Templates: Provides a selection of designer-grade templates suited for various career aspirations, from creative roles to corporate positions.

  • Personal Job Search CRM: Acts as a companion for managing professional job-search contacts and organizing job search outreach effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does one tailor their resume?

A resume can be tailored using Huntr's Resume Tailor. Users add their job posting to the tool, and with AI support, they are guided on optimizing their resume to include relevant skills, responsibilities, job titles, and qualifications needed for the job.

Who should tailor their resume?

Job seekers looking for their next role or considering a change in roles should tailor their resume to better align with the jobs they are applying for.

What is considered the best resume tailoring tool?

Huntr is regarded as the best resume tailoring tool because it offers detailed feedback to help users optimally tailor their resumes for specific job applications. It stands out by providing comprehensive resume job matching features that focus not only on keywords but also on responsibilities and qualifications.

How does Huntr differentiate from other resume tailoring tools?

Unlike other resume builders that focus solely on keyword matching, Huntr's semantic matching, along with keyword matching, enhances the likelihood of a resume passing both ATS and human screening, leading to first-round interviews. This approach ensures a more meaningful match beyond keyword stuffing.

What is the cost to tailor a resume using Huntr?

Tailoring a resume with Huntr's Resume Tailor is part of Huntr's suite of features. The free tier allows users to utilize AI tailoring features for a limited number of resumes. Upon reaching the free tier limit, users can upgrade to Huntr Pro for $40/month, enabling unlimited resume tailoring and access to additional tools such as a resume builder, job tracker, and job application autofill among others.

Tailoring a resume for each job application is recommended to enhance a recruiter's perception of a candidate as a fit for the role. It makes it easier for recruiters to see the alignment between a candidate's experience and the job requirements. Additionally, a tailored resume is more likely to pass AI screening tools that scan resumes based on keywords and relevant qualifications, indicating the candidate's serious commitment to the application by customizing their resume for each role.