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Job Copilot by Wahojobs via JobCopilot is an AI-powered solution that automates job searches and applications. This tool saves time and effort by applying to relevant jobs daily and providing access to thousands of opportunities beyond Wahojobs'' listings.


Core Features

  • Access Thousands of Jobs: Discover job opportunities across various categories and beyond what's listed on Wahojobs.

  • Automatically Apply to Jobs: Save time by automating the application process for jobs that match your criteria.

  • Job Application Tracker: Monitor the progress of your applications using a dedicated tracking tool.

  • Customizable Job Search: Set job titles, locations (including remote), and apply various filters to refine your job search.

  • Resume Upload: Upload your CV and answer screening questions to enable automated applications.

  • AI Resume and Cover Letter Builder: Bonus tools for creating professional resumes and cover letters, currently in early development.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Job Copilot?

Job Copilot is an AI-powered tool that automates the job search and application process. It finds relevant job listings, applies to them on your behalf, and tracks the status of your applications, saving you time and increasing your chances of landing a job.

How does Job Copilot work?

Job Copilot connects to the career pages of over 50,000 companies worldwide. It searches for new job postings every two hours based on your specified criteria, auto-fills application forms using your resume and pre-answered screening questions, and tracks all applications in your personal dashboard.

Can I customize the job search criteria?

Yes, you can customize the job search criteria by selecting job titles, excluding certain company names, including targeted keywords in the job descriptions, and filtering by location, remote work, seniority, and salary range.

How many jobs can Job Copilot apply to on my behalf?

With the Premium plan, JobCopilot can apply to up to 20 jobs per day. The Elite plan increases this limit to up to 50 jobs per day.

Can I exclude specific companies from the automated job applications?

Yes, you can exclude up to 20 companies from the automated job search and application process.

How does the AI resume and cover letter builder work?

The AI Resume Builder and AI Cover Letter Builder are available for users who wish to explore AI-generated resumes and cover letters. These tools are still in the early stages and serve as a bonus feature rather than a primary reason to subscribe to Job Copilot.

Is using AI for job applications ethical?

Yes, using AI to automate job applications is ethical. It simply helps you automate repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on networking and other strategic aspects of your job search. The AI answers screening questions as a human would, not like a robot.

What are the benefits of using Job Copilot?

  • Saves time by automating the job search and application process.

  • Potentially increases your chances of landing interviews by applying faster than other job seekers.

  • Helps you manage and track your job applications efficiently.

  • Helps reduce the stress and effort associated with job searching.

How do I get started with Job Copilot on Wahojobs?

To get started, simply sign up for Job Copilot through Wahojobs, set up your job preferences, upload your resume, and let JobCopilot handle the rest. You can choose between the Premium and Elite plans based on your needs.

How is customer support handled for Job Copilot?

Customer support for Job Copilot is handled directly by the JobCopilot team, which operates independently of Wahojobs. While Wahojobs is kept informed about any issues users may face, we do not have control over the technical support and customer service for Job Copilot. Any questions or issues should be addressed using the appropriate support feature on the JobCopilot website. All queries are answered within 2 business days. Wahojobs will not respond to support questions about Job Copilot sent through other channels.

What is the refund policy for Job Copilot?

Refunds, including partial refunds, may be offered in cases deemed appropriate by the JobCopilot team, such as when technical problems prevent users from properly using the tool. In the case of technical issues, the JobCopilot team may also extend the usage period of the tool to compensate for any inconvenience.

Can I use any keywords when searching for jobs with Job Copilot?

Yes, you can use any keywords in any language when searching for jobs. You are not limited to the keywords suggested by the autocomplete feature. Even if the keyword you type does not have an autocomplete suggestion, the tool may still find and apply for jobs related to the keyword.

How does Job Copilot handle my CV during applications?

The same CV will be used for all job applications based on the keywords you choose. Job Copilot does not automatically tailor your CV for each job, so it is advisable to use a more general-purpose CV that can be relevant for all the jobs you are targeting with your chosen keywords.