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Grantable - AI Grant Writing Assistant

By Grantable



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$24 - $89 / month


Grantable assists in grant writing by utilizing previous proposals to create new submissions. It streamlines the process, saves time, and ensures secure and authentic content creation.

Core Features

  • Smart Library: Organizes and makes your content easily referencable.

  • Content Search: Instantly search across all documents in your account.

  • Recommended Sources: AI suggests content to reuse when drafting new proposals.

  • Draft and Revise with AI: Provides AI assistance for drafting and revising documents.

  • Quick Reference Material: Inserts frequently used data and phrases efficiently.

  • Simple Document Navigation: Automatically generates easy-to-navigate document structure.

  • Secure Platform: SOC Type 2 compliant, ensuring the security of sensitive customer data.

  • Private Data: Content is never used to train AI, maintaining data privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my data?

Grantable ensures users have a clear understanding of how data is handled, including document uploads and generated content. Here’s a summary:

  • Document Uploads: Uploaded documents are stored privately within the organization account. Each organization’s data is kept separate, with no data shared between different workspaces.

  • Content: All created content is stored securely in Grantable’s database and is not shared with other organizations.

  • GPT Data Handling: When using AI features, only the content within the query is sent to the AI model for processing. According to OpenAI’s data privacy policy (as of July 19, 2023):

    • Data submitted via API is not used to train models unless explicitly opted-in by the user.

    • Data is retained for up to 30 days for abuse monitoring and then deleted, unless required by law.

What are the length limits of the AI?

The AI model measures text in tokens, which are parts of words. Both input and output token lengths contribute to the total token limit per interaction. For example, with a 5,000-token limit, if the input is 1,000 tokens, the output can be up to 4,000 tokens.

What happens if I reach the limit?

If the token limit is reached, the AI may stop generating text abruptly. Large inputs may prevent the AI from generating any response.

How can I avoid running into length limits?

  • Remove extraneous text: Input only the necessary question text, especially for RFPs.

  • Be specific with context: Provide specific excerpts rather than entire documents to Grantable for drafting answers.

For more FAQs and glossary, visit this page.