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AI Photo Editor

By Fotor



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$8.99 - $19.99 / month


Fotor''s AI Photo Editor offers automated image enhancement tools that simplify the editing process. It allows users to improve photo quality and apply artistic effects with ease.

Core Features

  • One-Click Perfection: Uses AI to analyze and enhance photos automatically with a single click, simplifying the editing process without manual adjustments.

  • Background Removal: Features an AI-powered tool that detects subjects and removes backgrounds instantly, allowing for easy replacement or customization.

  • Object Removal: Equipped with an AI-based photo eraser that removes unwanted objects, people, or distractions from photos quickly and accurately.

  • Text Command Editing: Allows users to edit photos by typing text instructions, simulating interaction with a human editor, and automating complex edits.

  • AI Upscaling: Enhances image resolution without losing quality, ideal for enlarging photos for high-definition viewing or printing.

  • Image Quality Enhancement: Automatically corrects and enhances photos, adjusting brightness, color, sharpness, and clarity with advanced AI tools.

  • AI Replacer: Offers a tool to creatively add, replace, or swap elements in photos, like sky replacement or face swaps, using inpainting technology.

  • Image Extender: Expands the canvas of images and fills in additional content that matches the existing scene, supported by outpainting technology.

  • Portrait Retouching: Provides AI-driven face enhancement to automatically detect and retouch portraits, improving photo quality instantly.

  • Photo Restoration and Colorizing: Utilizes AI to restore old or damaged photos, removing blemishes and scratches and colorizing black-and-white photos.

  • Batch Photo Editing: Allows for batch processing of multiple photos at once, applying AI enhancements to each image simultaneously, increasing efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an AI photo editor?

AI photo editor is a photo editing software powered by artificial intelligence algorithms and technologies. It transforms complex photo editing into easy, quick, and automatic work, which saves time, cost, and effort. Usually, a set of AI-driven photo editing tools are available for you to use. Thus, when using the AI picture editor, everyone, including beginners, can make auto photo edits and convert ordinary images into splendid visuals with just a few clicks or taps.