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Interview Copilot

By Final Round Ai



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$99 / month


Final Round's Interview Copilot acts like an intelligent teleprompter for real-time interview assistance. It features real-time transcription with proprietary voice-to-text AI models, alongside curated live support based on the interviewee's resume and job descriptions.

Core Features

  • Real-Time Transcription: Utilizes proprietary voice-to-text AI models to display transcriptions on the screen in real-time without any latency. This feature aids in understanding and recalling questions during interviews and saves the transcription for future reference.

  • Curated Live Support: Offers bullet point-style assistance in real-time with ultra-low latency, tailored based on the interviewee's resume and the job description. This support is curated to align with the skills and experiences of the interviewee relative to the job requirements.

  • Modular Capabilities (Coming Soon): Provides domain knowledge bases for over 50 industries to help navigate through various types of interviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements for running the Final Round AI WebApp?

Final Round AI offers an AI-driven solutions suite to aid candidates during recruitment periods. The platform is accessible through a Web App, optimized for the latest version of the Chrome browser for the best user experience. While various AI tools like AI Resume Revision and AI Cover Letter Generation are compatible with multiple browsers, the Interview Copilot feature specifically requires Chrome.

Which online meeting platforms are supported by Final Round AI?

For optimal performance, it is recommended to use Final Round AI on the latest Chrome browser version. The Interview Copilot feature supports major online meeting platforms, including Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Chime, among others.

Which domains/industries are supported by Final Round AI?

The services of Final Round AI cover an extensive range of domains and industries, with ongoing development of domain-specific knowledge bases in areas like Finance, Consulting, Marketing, Customer Success, Sales, Product Management, IT, Cyber Security, Data Analytics, Software Engineering, and others. For more details or inquiries about specific domains, contacting customer support is recommended.

What is the policy for the free trial?

The free trial offered by Final Round AI provides limited access to selected product features, including AI resume revision and AI cover letter generation. For the Interview Copilot feature, users are granted unlimited access to 5-minute free trial sessions, allowing the initiation of the Interview Copilot as frequently as desired, with each session lasting up to 5 minutes.

Is interview transcription available?

In line with data privacy protection standards, Final Round AI does not retain interview transcriptions. Users, however, have the option to access an Interview Report immediately after each session. It is noted that if the 'View Interview Report' option is not selected upon session completion, retrieving the report at a later time will not be possible.