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$29 - $99 / month


Copymatic allows users to swiftly generate high-quality, engaging copy for blogs, ads, and websites. The platform offers a diverse range of AI-driven tools designed to optimize writing productivity and conversion rates.

Core Features

  • Long-Form AI Content Writer: Converts brief descriptions into detailed articles over 1,000 words, ensuring SEO optimization and plagiarism-free content, ideal for blog posts.

  • Multiple AI Tools: Offers over 80 AI writing tools accessible through a browser extension, enabling versatile content creation directly on the web.

  • Social Media & Ads Creation: Generates engaging content for various platforms like Facebook, Google Ads, and YouTube, enhancing social media presence and ad effectiveness.

  • Website Copy & SEO Tools: Assists in creating compelling website content, including headlines, subheadlines, and meta tags, designed to improve SEO and visitor engagement.

  • eCommerce Copy: Automates the creation of product names and descriptions, saving time for eCommerce businesses.

  • Grammar Check and Sentence Rewriter: Features tools to improve grammar and rewrite sentences to enhance clarity and uniqueness of the content.

  • Customizable Settings: Allows users to adjust settings such as creativity level and tone of voice to tailor the copy to specific business needs.

  • Conversion Optimization: Trained to write copy that not only engages but also converts, increasing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

  • Multi-Language Support: Capable of generating content in over 25 languages, broadening the reach for global content strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a copy?

A copy refers to any published text or written material, including blog articles, websites, and digital ads. Copymatic AI facilitates the generation of various types of copy with the click of a button.

Can Copymatic be used to write long articles (1,000+ words)?

Copymatic features a long-form article writer tool designed to create comprehensive content for articles, capable of generating titles, outlines, introductions, and extended text segments.

Is the content generated by Copymatic original?

Copymatic is recognized for having a low plagiarism rate of 2%, which is below the generally acceptable threshold of 5%, indicating that the content produced is largely original.

How long does it take to write an article with Copymatic?

Copymatic can significantly expedite content creation, enabling the completion of long-form articles within approximately five minutes.

How can Copymatic help boost traffic?

Copymatic supports content marketing efforts by enabling the production of quality, SEO-friendly blog articles that can enhance organic reach, especially when combined with effective keyword research.

Does Copymatic offer an API?

Copymatic provides an API that allows access to all its tools and maintains the same quality of content production. Access to the API is available exclusively to paid members.

Does Copymatic have a Wordpress plugin?

Yes, Copymatic offers a Wordpress plugin that enables users to easily import articles created with Copymatic directly into Wordpress with one click. The plugin is available in the Wordpress repository.