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AI Art Generator

By Canva



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$14.99 - $15.99 / month


Canva's AI Art Generator allows users to convert text into art within seconds, offering apps to generate unique visuals for various projects. It simplifies the creation process, reducing time spent on drawing or searching for the right image by translating text prompts into artwork.

Core Features

  • Generate Images From Text: Create AI images that visualize a product or idea, draft a creative concept, or push the limits of what's possible.

  • Various Art Styles Available: Render your AI-generated images in stunning art styles like Watercolor, Filmic, Neon, Color Pencil, Retrowave, and more.

  • Magic Edit: Add to, replace, or edit your image with a short written prompt.

  • Magic Eraser (Pro): Instantly clean up your image and remove any unwanted distractions. No manual editing needed.

  • Enhance Your Images: Use Canva's Photo Editor to fix your photo's focus, lighting, and coloring with easy-to-use sliders.

  • Photo Effects & Filters: Choose from a selection of adjustable color filters and fun photo effects to remix your photo.

  • Add Text to Photo: Easily add text to your photo or image to tell a story. Font combinations, colors, and styles available.

  • One-Click Background Remover (Pro): Remove image backgrounds, perfect for product photos, headshots, or transparent PNGs.

  • Automatically Translate Your Design: Quickly change the language of your existing design, with over 100 languages to choose from.

  • Millions of Free Images, Icons, and Graphics: Get access to our entire library of millions of photos, icons, graphics, media elements, audio, sound effects, and more.

  • Access Anywhere and Autosave: Jump from device to desktop--design how you work best! Canva autosaves your progress along the way.

  • Cloud Storage: Get free 5GB storage or upgrade to Canva Pro and get unlimited folders with up to 100GB storage for all your designs.

  • Easy Sharing and Exporting Tools: Spread the word with easy sharing and exporting options, including as a JPG, PNG, or PDF.

  • Real-Time Collaboration: Create, collaborate, and get everyone on the same page, at the same time, from anywhere.

  • Content Planner (Pro): Create and schedule content to your favorite social media accounts directly from Canva.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AI art and how does it work?

AI art is generated by an AI model. The model is trained on millions of images along with text associated with them, including many works of art. From the data it analyses, the model learns about which images and text belong together. After the training, the model is ready to generate new images, based on the text input of a user. The model uses the learned connections between text and images to create new, unique AI images and art each time.

Is Magic Media's AI art generator free to use?

Yes, Canva’s AI art generator is free to use. Our AI-powered text-to-art tool allows Canva Free users up to 50 lifetime uses. With a Canva Pro, Teams, EDU, or NFP subscription, you get up to 500 uses per user per month.

What are the different AI art generator apps available on Canva? And what's the difference between them?

Canva offers a range of AI image generator apps that let you start with a text prompt and get matching AI-generated images. These AI image generators are:

  • Text-to-Image by Magic Media: An AI image generator that lets you input text and choose from different image output style options.

  • DALL·E: Powered by OpenAI, the DALL·E AI image generator lets you create photorealistic images from text.

  • Imagen by Google Cloud: Another AI-powered text-to-image generator that visualizes your text prompt into matching images, artwork, or illustrations.

Why use an AI art generator?

Using AI generators has many benefits, whether you’re a budding artist, a professional content creator, or a start-up entrepreneur. You can use it to gain inspiration and get over your creative block. You can include it in your creative work process as a handy tool to make instant rough drafts and blueprints for concepts. You can even use it for brainstorming new ideas. With the help of AI art apps, you can create countless designs for social media, marketing, and promo materials, and even for your own passion project.

The issue of copyright in AI-generated art is still an open discussion, so the answer to this question depends on where you’re located and creating art.

At present, Canva makes no copyright claim over any images created using our free AI art generator. Between you, the user, and Canva, you own the AI art you generate with the Text to Image app (subject to you following our terms). In turn, you give Canva the right to host your AI output on our platform and to use them for marketing our products.