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AI for Job Seekers

By Arytic



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$99 - $399 / month


AI for Job Seekers by Arytic enhances the job search process through advanced AI technologies. It connects candidates with ideal job vacancies using real-time analytics and machine learning, allowing for the creation of a detailed profile that includes personality tests and personal videos.


Core Features

  • Bias-Free AI Matching: Arytic offers a bias-free employment application tool, leveraging AI to connect candidates with recruiters without prejudice regarding gender, age, and race.

  • Advanced AI Technologies: Utilizes real-time analytics and machine learning algorithms to seamlessly connect candidates with the perfect job vacancies based on their skills and expertise.

  • Arytic Smart Card: Allows candidates to go beyond traditional job applications by incorporating personality test certifications and sharing personal videos, helping to make a lasting impression on hiring managers.

  • Job Exploration with Insider Reviews: Enables candidates to explore job postings tailored to their profiles and access insider company reviews, aiding in informed decision-making about company culture.

  • Multi-Job Applications: Assists candidates in applying for multiple jobs at once through an intelligent algorithm, optimizing the application process.

  • Competitive Insight and Process Transparency: Provides candidates with access to key information, such as competitive standing, hiring manager engagement, and hiring process stage.

  • Profile Optimization Suggestions: Offers suggestions to candidates on how to improve their percentile match score by adding important information to their profile.

  • Comprehensive Job Matching: Analyzes five crucial data points within interview questions (skills, industry, location, culture, and values) using AI to find the perfect job listings.

  • Resume and Cover Letter Enhancement: Suggests ways to strengthen resumes and cover letters, providing targeted keywords and skills to boost online presence.

  • Hiring Bonus and Incentives: Offers new hire bonuses and referral bonuses as incentives for candidates who accept job offers through Arytic or refer contacts.

  • Real-Time Feedback and Communication: Gives candidates instant feedback on their match score and competition status, with in-app communication options with hiring managers.

  • Mobile Friendly and Interactive Platform: Designed for seamless mobile access, with a user-friendly interface that becomes more intelligent and personalized with more shared information.

  • Unique Platform Additions: Includes personalized lifestyle matches for informed decision-making, a discussion forum, background verification reports, personality tests, and a Video Sizzle feature for personal showcasing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Arytic different from other websites where I can add my resume?

Arytic bridges the gap between job aggregators and applicant tracking systems using AI to speed up the hiring process. This helps individuals to find jobs quicker, and it helps employers to find the best fitting candidates.

How is Arytic different from other websites where I can post jobs?

Arytic allows employers to specify traits or skills necessary to the job, and Arytic’s AI will tailor those skills and find potential employee profiles automatically. This reduces the need for human intervention, helps reduce implicit bias, and helps hiring managers to critically evaluate only the individuals best suited to take on the new role. This will also speed up the hiring process itself all together.

What role will our hiring team play in conjunction with Arytic?

Arytic does not eliminate the need for hiring managers / HR departments completely but instead provides a supporting role to improve your hiring process by allowing you to find the best fitting employees faster.