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Aragon.ai - AI Headshot Generator

By Aragon AI



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$35 - $75


Aragon.ai offers a sophisticated AI headshot generator that produces professional-quality headshots from user-uploaded photos. Utilizing cutting-edge technology developed by AI researchers, it delivers various backgrounds, poses, and styles for any use case.


Core Features

  • Easy to Use: Requires only six photos from the user to start generating a variety of headshots.

  • Advanced AI Technology: Utilizes cutting-edge technology developed by AI researchers from notable companies like Meta and Microsoft to generate headshots.

  • Variety of Options: Provides different backgrounds, poses, and styles allowing users to select the perfect headshot for various professional and personal use cases.

  • Large User Base and Output: Boasts a significant number of users and millions of AI-generated headshots, indicating widespread acceptance and success.

  • Privacy and Data Protection: Prioritizes user privacy with a commitment to never sell user information, encrypting sensitive data, and allowing users to control the use of their photos.

  • Live Customer Support: Provides live support to assist users, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of photos does one need to upload for Aragon.ai?

Unlike other AI headshot generators that require 15-25 photos, Aragon.ai's advanced AI technology necessitates only six favorite photos from a user. The platform's automatic validators assist in selecting the best ones for optimal results.

What resolution are the pictures produced by Aragon.ai?

Aragon.ai's cutting-edge AI headshot generator produces photos at a resolution of 2048x2560 pixels (72 dpi), ensuring the user appears at their best. This resolution significantly exceeds the requirements for almost all applications, notably surpassing LinkedIn's recommended picture size of 400x400 pixels.

What are a user's rights regarding the use of their photos from Aragon.ai?

Upon purchasing AI headshots from Aragon.ai, a user acquires full rights to them. This grants the user the freedom to use their photos in any desired manner, including posting them online, using them as profile pictures, or even selling them. For detailed information, users are advised to refer to Aragon.ai's terms and conditions.

What does Aragon.ai do with a user's data?

As a paid product, Aragon.ai does not sell a user's data to anyone. Users concerned about their privacy and data usage can find more details in Aragon.ai's terms and conditions and privacy policy.