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AI Resume Builder

By AIApply



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AI Apply''s Resume Builder utilizes artificial intelligence to assist users in creating effective and professional resumes. It provides tailored suggestions and formats to enhance job application success.


Core Features

  • Quick and Easy Resume Creation: Allows users to build resumes quickly without spending hours on drafting and proofreading.

  • Powered by OpenAI's GPT-4: Utilizes the latest AI technology for advanced resume building, ensuring unique and effective content.

  • Effortless Sharing Options: Offers multiple formats for sharing resumes, including PDF export and link sharing, catering to various user preferences.

  • ATS-Friendly Templates: Includes templates that are compatible with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), increasing the chances of passing initial HR screenings.

  • Editable Content: Provides options for manual editing and AI-driven section regeneration, allowing users to customize their resumes as needed.

  • Integrated Job Application Tools: Links directly with job opportunities, enabling seamless generation of job-specific resumes and cover letters.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the AI resume builder work?

Users need to provide their desired job title, experience level in the chosen field, and at least three skills. Optionally, a CV can also be uploaded. AIApply's AI then compiles this information into a resume, which users can modify further to meet their needs.

How can resumes be shared?

Once satisfied with their resume, users can share it via a link or export it as a printable PDF file.

What if a user does not like the result AI generates?

If the initial resume does not meet a user's expectations, they can select the unsatisfactory section and request the AI to regenerate it. Manual editing is also available by selecting and rewriting any part of the resume.

Can users find jobs directly on the website?

Yes, AIApply matches users with job opportunities through its partners. The platform allows users to generate job-specific cover letters and resumes directly from job listings aggregated from multiple job boards.

Does AIApply provide student discounts?

AIApply offers support for students starting their careers by providing discounts. Students can contact AIApply at hello\@aiapply.co for assistance.

Does AIApply have an API?

AIApply does not offer a publicly accessible API. Interested parties can contact AIApply for potential access to their advanced infrastructure, aiming for mutually beneficial partnerships.

Will an employer know if a user used AiApply?

AIApply's AI models are designed to avoid detection by AI-detection tools, and the company is continually improving these models. Generally, most hiring managers appreciate the use of innovative tools to solve problems effectively, hence using AIApply is likely viewed positively.