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AI Headshot Generator

By AIApply



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$19.93 / month


AIApply's AI Headshots service offers a convenient way for users to obtain professional headshots without a physical photoshoot. By uploading a few selfies, their AI technology processes these images to produce polished, professional-grade headshots.


Core Features

  • Professional Photoshoot Without Leaving Your Desk: Allows users to upload a few pictures, after which the AI generates new photos, simulating a professional photoshoot experience.

  • Guidance on Picture Uploads: Recommends uploading up to 26 pictures of various types (full body, medium shot, and close-ups) for diverse and high-quality outcomes.

  • LinkedIn Profile Picture Enhancement: Utilizes the generated headshots as LinkedIn profile pictures to attract attention and project professionalism, aiming to increase job offers.

  • Corporate Photoshoot for Company Websites: Offers a service to create a professional image for company websites, aiming to convert more visitors into customers and attract more partnerships.

  • 32x Unique Photos Per Photoshoot: Provides 32 unique, photorealistic photos with different backgrounds, available for use across social media and professional platforms, all within a maximum 1-hour turnaround.

  • Mission-Oriented Toward Job Seekers: Aims to help job seekers get hired quicker by enhancing their professional image online.

  • Comprehensive AI Tools for Job Seekers: Besides AI-generated headshots, AIApply offers a suite of AI tools including resume builders and interview preparation tools, designed to support various aspects of the job application process.

  • Photo Ownership and Privacy: Ensures that photo ownership remains with the user, with a commitment to delete the photos and models from servers within a week after use, or immediately upon the user's request.

  • Diversity in Photo Requirements: Advises on the diversity of photos in terms of facial expressions, locations, and backgrounds for optimal results, and specifies guidelines on the type of photos that should be uploaded.

  • Support for Missing Features and Job Matching: Provides support for users missing any feature on the platform and offers a job matching service with partners, including job-specific cover letters and resumes.

  • Pricing and Subscription Services: Offers a subscription service at a discounted rate that includes the AI Headshot Generator among other job-seeking tools, indicating a mission to assist users in enhancing their job search and application process efficiently and effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does AIApply do with user photos after training?

After training their AI model with user photos, AIApply creates avatars and then removes the photos and models from their servers/GPU APIs within a week. For immediate deletion, users can click the "Delete" button to erase all data instantly.

Who owns the pictures?

The ownership of the photos remains with the user. AIApply only uses them for AI model training and deletes them after a week. Users also have a full commercial license for their photos.

What type of photos should users upload?

Users should upload 16 close-up and 1 upper body shots. It's important to ensure diversity in facial expressions, locations, backgrounds, and perspectives. High-resolution photos yield the best results; heavy makeup should be avoided as it may appear exaggerated. Users are advised to refrain from uploading nudes, though swimwear/underwear is acceptable.

What if a user is missing a feature?

If a user is missing a feature anywhere on AIApply's platform, they can reach out at hello@aiapply.co and AIApply will try their absolute best to meet the user's needs and expectations.

Can users find jobs directly on the AIApply website?

Yes! AIApply matches users with job opportunities from their partners and, thanks to their tight integration, users can select and generate job-specific cover letters, resumes, and much more. They aggregate multiple job boards to find the perfect match.

Does AIApply provide student discounts?

Yes! If a user is a student, they can reach out at hello@aiapply.co, and AIApply will be happy to help them get started in their career. AIApply acknowledges that the junior job search is tough and aims to assist.

Does AIApply have an API?

AIApply does not have a publicly accessible API; however, if a user is interested in getting access to their advanced infrastructure, they can email hello@aiapply.co and AIApply will do their best to offer a win-win partnership.

Will an employer find out a user used AIApply?

AIApply's AI models are advanced enough to bypass AI-detection, and they are constantly working on improving that. Moreover, most employers will not mind users getting help from AI—in fact, the opposite is usually true. Being able to find a quicker/better solution to a problem is a quality that most employers highly value.