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AIApply - AI-Powered Job Search Tools

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AIApply provides AI-powered job search tools designed to automate various aspects of the job application process. It offers services like AI-generated cover letters, resumes, follow-up emails, and professional headshots, aiming to increase the chances of getting hired.


Core Features

  • Auto Apply To Jobs: Automates the job application process, applying to multiple job opportunities on behalf of the user.

  • AI Cover Letter: Generates job-specific cover letters in seconds using advanced AI models trained on successful examples.

  • AI Resume Builder: Creates or enhances resumes quickly by analyzing the user's desired job title or uploaded content, ensuring ATS (Applicant Tracking System) friendliness.

  • AI Headshots: Produces professional-looking headshots from the user's photo gallery, aiming to improve the user's professional online presence.

  • AI Job Interview: Offers mock interview generation and practice tools, providing valuable insights and boosting confidence for real interviews.

  • Interview Buddy: Provides personalized answers to interview questions in real-time, based on the user's resume.

  • Resume Hosting: Enables easy sharing of CVs/resumes via a short link, tracking when potential employers view it.

  • Resume Translator: Offers quick translation of resumes into six popular European languages, ensuring the output is ATS friendly.

  • Job Board: Matches users with global job offers using AI, integrated with application kits for quick applications.

  • Website Builder: Allows users to build personal websites, enhancing their online professional profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

AIApply trains custom AI models on the most successful cover letters and resumes that have secured customers multiple $100k/year jobs. This process leverages the insights gained from these successful applications to assist new users in their job search.

Is there a free trial available?

Most tools offered by AIApply come with a free version, allowing prospective users to preview what they can expect from the service. Interested individuals are encouraged to contact AIApply at hello@aiapply.co for more information before opting for a premium subscription.

What does the premium subscription include?

The premium subscription at AIApply provides users with full access to all job-seeking tools offered by the platform, without any limitations. This ensures users have all the necessary resources at their disposal to aid in their job search.

What should a user do if they're missing a feature?

Should users find a feature lacking on AIApply's platform, they are advised to contact the support team at hello@aiapply.co. AIApply is committed to doing its utmost to meet user needs and expectations.

Can users find jobs directly on the AIApply website?

Yes, AIApply matches users with job opportunities from its partners. Thanks to its integration, users can select and generate job-specific cover letters, resumes, and much more. The platform aggregates job boards to find the best matches for its users.

Does AIApply provide student discounts?

AIApply offers student discounts to assist those in the early stages of their careers. Students seeking help with their job search are encouraged to reach out to AIApply at hello@aiapply.co for support.

Does AIApply have an API?

Currently, AIApply does not offer a publicly accessible API. However, users interested in accessing the platform's advanced infrastructure can contact AIApply via email to discuss potential partnerships.

Will an employer find out a user used AIApply?

The AI models used by AIApply are sophisticated enough to bypass AI-detection algorithms, and the platform is continuously improving this aspect. Additionally, most employers appreciate when candidates use innovative solutions to enhance their application, viewing it as a positive trait.