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Full-Stack Developer

As a Full-Stack Developer at Toptal, you will have the opportunity to work on complex and interesting projects with top global clients. This role affords you the freedom to select engagements that align with your expertise and career goals.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Develop end-to-end solutions for web applications, ensuring responsiveness and integration with backend systems.
  • Collaborate with project managers, UX/UI designers, and other developers to deliver high-quality software solutions.
  • Maintain and enhance existing software systems, incorporating new features and improvements.
  • Actively communicate with clients to understand their requirements and provide technical solutions that meet their business needs.

Qualifications may include:

  • Proven experience in full-stack development, with a strong portfolio of past projects.
  • Expertise in multiple front-end languages and libraries (e.g., HTML/ CSS, JavaScript, XML, jQuery).
  • Proficiency in multiple backend languages (e.g., Java, Python) and JavaScript frameworks (e.g., Angular, React, Node.js).
  • Familiarity with databases (e.g., MySQL, MongoDB), web servers (e.g., Apache), and UI/UX design.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to work independently or as part of a team.

Benefits may include:

  • Flexibility to work remotely from any location and set your own hours.
  • Ability to choose from a wide range of projects that suit your skills and preferences, without the need for bidding on projects.
  • Set your own competitive rates and enjoy timely payment with Toptal handling all billing and invoicing.
  • Access to a steady stream of engagements with Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley startups.
  • Support from Toptal's team for billing, payments, and client connections, along with advice and assistance throughout your engagements