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Earn money in your spare time!

Become part of our crowd and get the chance to test a wide variety of software products even before their release. As a Testbird you contribute with your feedback to improve the functionality and usability of applications and websites.

What types of Test are there?

Here are some of the types of test you may be asked to participate in:

Bug Test: In this test type, you will be asked to “hunt” for Bugs (technical errors). You are paid for every Bug you find, and payment varies depending on the severity of the Bug.

Usability Test: The aim of these kind of tests is to evaluate how easy a product is to use. As a tester, you will provide feedback in the form of ratings and texts to help a client improve their product. You receive the fixed payment announced, once your report gets approved. Please note, you cannot submit Bugs in this kind of test.

BugAbility Test: This test type is a combination of a Bug and Usability test. You will be asked to find Bugs and evaluate the usability of the product. You receive a fixed payment for the test report, and extra payment for every Bug found.

In addition to that, there are many more test types which we will explain in the invitation or our Bird School. For example: Test cases, video recordings, comparison studies or localization.

About Testbirds

Since our founder Georg Hansbauer ran his first Testbirds crowdtest in 2011, we’ve been on a mission to create flawless digital products and passionate users – and today, users only choose the experiences they genuinely enjoy. For that first project, Georg created a community of digital fans like himself. He gathered real results and delivered them in a clear report, empowering his client to eliminate bugs fast before a big launch.

In 10 years, our Crowd has grown to be one of the biggest in the world, testing on more than 1 million real devices worldwide. With our unique expertise and direct insights from customers, it’s our responsibility to pioneer new standards of quality, efficiency, and innovation. This spirit of pursuing excellence combines with our clients' brand expertise to transform the customer experience with innovative testing solutions.