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Medical Scribe

As a Medical Scribe with ProScribe, you will gain firsthand experience in the healthcare field by accurately documenting patient-provider interactions in real-time. You will assist healthcare providers with administrative tasks to enhance efficiency and patient care quality.


  • Document patient encounters and medical history
  • Handle phone calls and retrieve lab reports
  • Support healthcare providers with administrative duties


  • High school diploma
  • Pre-health career track (college sophomore or higher)
  • Minimum 6-month commitment
  • Availability for at least 2 shifts (16 hours) per week
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • High attention to detail and ability to maintain patient confidentiality


  • Hands-on clinical experience
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Training and professional development opportunities
  • Scholarships and discounts for test preparation courses
  • Mock interview support
  • Networking opportunities within the medical field

Application Process:

  1. Submit an online application and typing test
  2. Complete a video interview
  3. Participate in a recruiter discussion
  4. Receive and accept an offer

Training: Comprehensive training includes medical terminology, HIPAA regulations, and electronic medical record documentation.