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Freelance Translator

approx. $400 per month

Gengo’s translators come from all walks of life, united by a shared love for language and translation.

How does Gengo work?

Sign up and get approved

  • Create a free account and take our two-part test. Check out our translator resources for tips on how to prepare.

Start translating

  • Once approved, familiarize yourself with our style guide and workbench. When you feel ready, start translating!

Get paid

  • Invoicing is a thing of the past. At Gengo, translation payments are automatically added to your account.

What qualifications or experience do you need to translate with Gengo?

You don’t need translation qualifications or experience to become a Gengo translator; we’re happy to work with anyone who can pass our translation tests and consistently translate to our standards. This makes Gengo a great option for both established translators and beginners with strong language skills. Please note that we expect our translators to be native speakers of their target language.

Is there a minimum age to join as a translator?

Yes, you must be at least 18 years of age to join Gengo as a translator.

Who can work for Gengo?

You CAN work for Gengo if...

  • If you are a U.S. citizen; OR
  • If you live in the U.S. (resident alien) and are legally allowed to work in the U.S.; OR
  • If you are NOT a U.S. citizen, and you live outside the U.S. (i.e. you live in any country except the U.S.)

You CANNOT work for Gengo if...

  • If you are NOT a U.S. citizen, and you live inside the U.S. without permission to work; OR
  • If you are based in certain countries that cannot legally conduct business with U.S. companies. Currently these countries are: Cuba, Crimea, Iran, North Korea, Syria. Please note there may be other countries restricted by law, as this changes occasionally.

Wahojobs Analyzed: Job Overview

This evergreen job opportunity opens doors for a wide range of applicants from around the world. Whether you're a mom, student, senior, teen, veteran, or someone with a disability, this job is designed to be inclusive and accessible. Notably, the job requires no previous experience or academic qualifications, making it a perfect stepping stone for those looking to enter the workforce or switch to a remote role.

Work conditions for this job are incredibly accommodating. The job is remote, giving you the freedom to work from any location, and offers part-time, freelance, and flexible options to fit your schedule. Given that tasks are non-phone-based, it's ideal for those who prefer other forms of communication. Overall, this job is a wonderful opportunity for those seeking an entry-level role that is not only straightforward but also offers a range of flexible working conditions to suit diverse life situations.