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App Tester

Who hasn’t experienced this before? You’re sitting on the train or waiting for the bus and wish you could spend that time having fun or at least do something worthwhile with it. After all it’s 5 minutes here, a half hour there, that is just wasted. For those equipped with a smartphone or tablet, the app tester jobs with clickworker could be just what you’re looking for. It doesn’t matter if you’re armed with an Android device or an iPhone, an app is usually tested in just a few minutes and you quickly pocket your earnings.

How do you become an App Tester for clickworker?

The motto here is: give it a try and take a journey of discovery! Take an active role in the creation of something new, like maybe the development of an Android game app, or maybe even some iOS speech recognition software. Put the application’s functionality through its paces, uncover usability issues, or give your opinion on its design. An app is quickly installed and tested on a smartphone, and one bug or another found before the train rolls into the station and your trip resumes.

Of course the app jobs aren’t only reserved for travelers. They can also be worked on anytime from home, for example on an iPad or tablet. The only thing you need for the task is a modern, mobile device and of course a clickworker account. As a logged in clickworker you accept and work on app jobs directly on our online platform, or via the clickworker app.

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