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Linguistic Data Collector

A large part of the work we do here at Argos Multilingual is related to Data Collection projects for our end clients' research & development teams aiming to train machine translation engines on how a human linguist would translate, and other types of machine learning. Data collection is a vital part of gathering content to train AI to better respond to and interact with natural human language, both written and verbal. The data are collected in different ways, depending on the type & mostly the scope, and the translation project management differs accordingly.

The position is remote and can be done from anywhere. In-country talents are preferred, but this is not a requirement.

Summary of the role

Data Collection Services:

  • Translation only: to translate general web strings from the web.

  • Rating: linguists will look at sets of sentences and evaluate the quality of the translation, or categorize the type and severity of errors

  • Annotation: To create a range of possible questions from random strings/keywords/queries or to create a variety of possible answers from those strings/keywords/queries depending on the specified task.

  • Meetings: participate in kick-off calls with our teams for training purposes

  • Internal tests: for specific projects/accounts you will be requested to complete a short test


  • Native on the target

  • Excellent command of the English language

  • Flexibility and adaptability