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Audio Meetings Data Collector (Project Numenor)

Ready to help advance the intelligence for a conversational application for a major technology company? If you like a good debate, and love to chat about different subject matters then read on...

We're looking for individuals 18+ years of age who love a good debate and are comfortable participating in a small 4-person group environment remotely whilst having the ability to voice your opinion. Each conversation will be approx. 30 minutes in duration and depending on your activity you may be invited to multiple sessions. Conversations will be run through an external conversational tool.

  • Short-term earning potential
  • Fun and interesting
  • Quick turnaround


  • Must be 18+ years of age.
  • Must have a PC headset/microphone device to record with.
  • Ability to record in a quiet environment, strictly free from any background noise.
  • Able to participate in an open conversation.

Payrate (default showing on your project page) for this project is based on one conversation, the more conversations you are invited to the higher your earning potential will be.