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Image Data Collector (Project Beckler A)

This project pays above average and the earning potential is up to you. $2.60 is the minimum you get per task, with premium tasks paying up to $12.99, final rates will be informed when tasks are assigned.

Ready to help a leading customer advance accuracies in location and information demand. Be a part of this project and help collect image data to provide the latest and most accurate map positioning.

  • High earning potential
  • Travel and earn
  • Quick and easy


  • Smartphone device
  • Ability to travel to nearby locations as directed

You will be required to collect images of EV/Stations, Stores and businesses across London from your mobile phone to improve the quality and accuracy of Maps. There are currently 2,118 POIs (points of interest) to be collected from and available to you.


All collected images will go through a quality assurance process. The pay rate shown is based on successful and accepted submission, the more locations you visit and collect from the higher your earning potential will be. Please refer to the examples below to have a better understand your earning potential in this project:

Please note that these are examples and you can maximise your earning potential by taking more polygons around your area.

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