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English Voice Writer

We are seeking Voice Writers of all levels of experience for contract work to produce real-time captions for live events by re-speaking into our free, web-based, simple to use software. Voice writing creates high quality captions in real time to be delivered back to the live streamed event.

Thanks to your live captioning, we can provide the same level of access for all attendees to a live event.

Required Qualifications

  • Access to a headset, computer, and strong internet connection
  • Excellent verbal communication, listening skills, and a clear, consistent speaking voice
  • Sitting or standing comfortably for the duration of an event (up to 90 minutes)
  • Multitasking between listening, speaking, and typing
  • Managing projects, working independently, and closely following instructions
  • Completing a background check before starting to work

Need a demo? Watch our “What is Voice Writing?” video.