21 Types of Writing Jobs (With 80+ Examples)

The world of writing is vast and multifaceted, offering a plethora of opportunities for those with a passion for words. From crafting compelling narratives to creating strategic marketing content, writing jobs are as diverse as they are rewarding. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore 21 distinct types of writing jobs, each with its own unique subcategories, totaling over 80 specific examples. 

Dive in and discover the path that resonates with your skills, interests, and career goals!

Content Writing

Content writers create engaging and informative articles, blog posts, and web content for a variety of subjects. They often write for websites, magazines, or businesses, helping to communicate ideas and information in a reader-friendly way.

Examples of Content Writing Jobs

  • Article Writing: Writing in-depth articles on various subjects, often requiring research and a professional tone, suitable for magazines or websites.
  • Blog Writing: Creating informal and engaging blog posts on various topics to connect with readers and provide insights, opinions, or information.
  • How-to Guides: Crafting instructional guides that provide step-by-step instructions for completing tasks or understanding complex topics.
  • Listicles: Writing articles in list form, often featuring top-rated products, strategies, or tips, providing easily digestible content for readers.


Copywriters craft persuasive text to promote products, services, or ideas. Their writing is designed to compel readers to take action, such as buying a product or signing up for a newsletter. Copywriting is prevalent in advertising, marketing, and sales.

Examples of Copywriting Jobs

  • Advertising Copywriting: Writing persuasive and creative text for advertisements to capture attention and promote products or services.
  • Website Copywriting: Crafting engaging and concise copy for websites, ensuring that the content aligns with brand messaging and guides user navigation.
  • Direct Mail Copywriting: Creating compelling copy for direct mail campaigns, such as brochures, flyers, or email, aimed at targeted audiences.
  • Product Descriptions: Writing detailed and persuasive descriptions of products to highlight features and benefits, encouraging customers to make purchases.

Technical Writing

Technical writers create clear, concise documents that explain complex topics. They often write manuals, guides, and instructional materials for technology, machinery, or scientific concepts. Clarity and accuracy are vital in technical writing.

Examples of Technical Writing Jobs

  • User Manuals: Writing clear and concise guides that explain how to use a product or system, often aimed at non-technical users.
  • Technical Guides: Crafting in-depth guides on complex technical subjects, often requiring specialized knowledge and the ability to convey information clearly.
  • Process Documentation: Creating documents that outline specific processes or workflows within an organization or for a particular product.
  • FAQ Writing: Writing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for websites or products, providing answers to common queries in a user-friendly format.

Marketing Writing

Marketing writing involves creating written content that promotes products, services, or brands, tailored to engage specific audiences and achieve marketing goals. This can encompass various forms including content marketing, social media posts, email campaigns, newsletters, and product reviews, all crafted to inform, persuade, or entertain.

Examples of Marketing Writing Jobs

  • Content Marketing Writing: Creating engaging content aimed at attracting, engaging, and retaining an audience, aligned with a brand's marketing strategy.
  • Social Media Writing: Writing social media posts to promote products, events, or engage with an audience, requiring awareness of platform-specific trends and styles.
  • Newsletter Writing: Crafting informative and engaging newsletters to keep an audience updated on products, news, or insights related to a brand or industry.
  • E-mail Marketing Writing: Developing targeted and personalized email campaigns to promote products, services, or events, often using segmented lists and tracking metrics to optimize engagement.
  • Product Review Writing: Writing detailed and persuasive product reviews, often used in affiliate marketing to encourage purchases through recommendations.

Business Writing

Business writers create documents for corporate and professional settings. This includes reports, proposals, memos, and business plans, requiring clarity, conciseness, and professionalism.

Examples of Business Writing Jobs

  • Business Plan Writing: Crafting detailed business plans that outline a company's goals, strategies, and financial projections, often used to secure funding or guide development.
  • Report Writing: Creating formal business reports that present data, analysis, and insights, requiring clarity and a professional tone.
  • Proposal Writing: Writing business proposals to outline services, products, or projects, aiming to persuade potential clients or partners.
  • Email Writing: Crafting professional and effective business emails for communication with clients, partners, or within an organization.

Financial Writing

Financial writing encompasses the creation of documents and content related to finance, economics, and investment. It requires a deep understanding of financial concepts, terminology, and current market trends, and can include various outputs such as reports, analyses, or investment guides.

Examples of Financial Writing Jobs

  • Investment Analysis: Writing detailed analyses of investment opportunities, requiring knowledge of financial markets, trends, and investment strategies.
  • Financial Reporting: Creating financial reports for businesses, summarizing financial performance, budgeting, and forecasting, often used by management or investors.
  • Personal Finance Writing: Crafting articles or guides on personal finance topics, such as budgeting, investing, or debt management, aimed at general readers.
  • Cryptocurrency Writing: Writing about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies, or related trends, requiring up-to-date knowledge and understanding of a rapidly evolving field.

SEO Writing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) writers focus on creating content that ranks well in search engines. They incorporate specific keywords and follow SEO guidelines to help increase the visibility of websites and online content.

Examples of SEO Writing Jobs

  • Meta Title Writing: Crafting clear and relevant meta titles for web pages, which are displayed in search engine results, aiming to accurately represent the content and entice clicks.
  • Meta Description Writing: Crafting concise meta descriptions that summarize webpage content, helping search engines understand the page's relevance to specific queries.
  • SEO-Optimized Blog Posts: Writing blog posts that are strategically optimized for search engines, incorporating relevant keywords and following SEO best practices.
  • Landing Page Writing: Creating content for specific web pages designed to convert visitors, often focusing on a particular product, service, or call to action, with SEO in mind.

Editing and Proofreading

Editors and proofreaders review and correct written content to ensure it's free of grammatical errors, stylistically consistent, and coherent. They play a crucial role in refining and polishing a writer's work.

Examples of Editing and Proofreading Jobs

  • Content Editing: Reviewing and revising content to improve clarity, coherence, and style, often working closely with writers.
  • Copy Editing: Correcting grammatical and stylistic errors, ensuring consistency in tone and language use.
  • Proofreading: Performing the final review of content to catch typos, errors, and formatting inconsistencies before publication.
  • Academic Editing: Specializing in reviewing scholarly documents such as dissertations, theses, and research papers, ensuring adherence to academic standards.

Academic Writing

Academic writers focus on scholarly subjects, creating essays, research papers, theses, and dissertations. They must adhere to academic standards and often require in-depth research and citations from credible sources.

Examples of Academic Writing Jobs

  • Thesis/Dissertation Writing: Writing in-depth research papers or dissertations for higher education, requiring extensive research, analysis, and adherence to academic standards.
  • Essay Writing: Crafting essays on various subjects, often for educational purposes, requiring a clear argument, supporting evidence, and proper structuring.
  • Research Paper Writing: Conducting research and writing papers on academic or scientific subjects, following rigorous methodologies and citation rules.
  • Assignment Writing: Creating written assignments for educational institutions, often tailored to specific coursework or subjects, following academic guidelines.


Ghostwriters write content on behalf of someone else without taking credit for the work. They may write books, speeches, or articles for individuals who either lack the time or expertise to write themselves.

Examples of Ghostwriting Jobs

  • Ghostwriting for Books: Writing full-length books on behalf of clients, enabling them to publish under their name, often including fiction, non-fiction, or memoirs.
  • Ghostwriting for Blogs: Crafting blog posts for others, matching their voice and style, allowing them to maintain an active online presence without writing themselves.
  • Celebrity Ghostwriting: Writing articles, books, or social media posts for celebrities, aligning with their public persona and messaging.
  • Business Leader Ghostwriting: Producing content for business executives or entrepreneurs, such as speeches, articles, or books, reflecting their expertise and brand.

Creative Writing

Creative writers produce fictional works, such as novels, short stories, poetry, and scripts. They utilize their imagination and storytelling skills to entertain, provoke thought, or express artistic ideas.

Examples of Creative Writing Jobs

  • Novel Writing: Crafting long-form fictional works, often involving intricate plot development, character creation, and thematic exploration.
  • Short Story Writing: Writing shorter fictional pieces, allowing for creative expression within a more condensed format, often focusing on a single event or idea.
  • Poetry Writing: Composing poems that utilize rhythmic and metaphorical language to express emotions, concepts, or artistic visions.
  • Screenwriting: Writing scripts for film or television, requiring an understanding of visual storytelling, dialogue, and industry-specific formatting.

Resume Writing

Resume writers craft professional resumes, CVs, and cover letters tailored to specific job applications. They work closely with individuals to highlight their skills, experiences, and qualifications to potential employers.

Examples of Resume Writing Jobs

  • Resume Writing: Creating professional resumes tailored to individual career goals, highlighting relevant skills, experiences, and achievements.
  • Cover Letter Writing: Writing personalized cover letters to accompany resumes, introducing the applicant and explaining their fit for a specific role.
  • LinkedIn Profile Writing: Crafting compelling LinkedIn profiles to showcase professional backgrounds, skills, and networks, enhancing online visibility.
  • Personal Statement Writing: Composing personal statements for college or job applications, focusing on individual strengths, experiences, and motivations.

Grant Writing

Grant writers create proposals to obtain funding from government agencies, foundations, or private entities. They must present a compelling case for funding by outlining a project's purpose, budget, and benefits.

Examples of Grant Writing Jobs

  • Government Grant Writing: Writing proposals to secure government funding for projects, requiring an understanding of legal regulations and alignment with government objectives.
  • Non-Profit Grant Writing: Crafting applications for grants aimed at supporting non-profit organizations, often focusing on social or environmental missions.
  • Research Grant Writing: Creating detailed proposals for research funding, requiring a comprehensive understanding of scientific methods, objectives, and potential outcomes.
  • Corporate Grant Writing: Writing grant applications for corporate funding, often related to business development, innovation, or partnerships, requiring a business-oriented

Medical Writing

Medical writers produce content related to the healthcare industry. This includes scientific research papers, medical guides, patient information leaflets, and regulatory documents. Accuracy and compliance with industry standards are essential.

Examples of Medical Writing Jobs

  • Medical Research Writing: Crafting scientific papers, abstracts, or reports in the medical field, requiring extensive knowledge of medical terminology and research methodologies.
  • Patient Education Materials: Writing materials to educate patients about medical conditions, treatments, or procedures, focusing on clarity and accessibility.
  • Regulatory Writing: Creating documents for regulatory agencies in healthcare, ensuring compliance with legal and ethical standards.
  • Medical Marketing: Writing promotional content for medical products or services, requiring an understanding of both medical knowledge and marketing strategies.

Legal writers create documents for the legal field, including contracts, legal briefs, and compliance materials. Precision, clarity, and adherence to legal standards are paramount in this form of writing.

  • Contract Writing: Drafting legal agreements between parties, requiring precision and understanding of legal terms and conditions.
  • Legal Brief Writing: Creating detailed legal briefs to present a case in court, requiring strong argumentation and adherence to legal formatting.
  • Compliance Documents: Writing documents to ensure that companies comply with laws and regulations, requiring knowledge of specific legal requirements.
  • Wills and Estates Writing: Crafting legal documents related to wills and estate planning, requiring sensitivity and understanding of relevant laws.


Journalists report news, conduct interviews, and write articles for newspapers, magazines, or online publications. They strive for accuracy, fairness, and objectivity, providing readers with timely and relevant information.

Examples of Journalism Jobs

  • News Reporting: Writing timely and accurate news articles on current events, requiring quick response, research, and objective presentation.
  • Investigative Journalism: Conducting in-depth research to uncover and report on significant issues, often requiring a long-term commitment and meticulous verification.
  • Feature Writing: Creating long-form articles that explore subjects in depth, providing detailed analysis, background, or human interest angles.
  • Editorial Writing: Crafting opinion pieces or editorials that express a viewpoint on current events or issues, often reflecting the stance of a publication.

Transcription Writing

Transcriptionists convert audio or video recordings into written text. This service is widely used in legal, medical, business, and media fields, requiring attention to detail and accuracy.

Examples of Transcription Writing Jobs

  • Medical Transcription: Transcribing medical recordings from healthcare professionals, requiring knowledge of medical terminology and strict confidentiality.
  • Legal Transcription: Converting legal audio recordings into written documents, requiring an understanding of legal terms and adherence to legal formatting.
  • Business Transcription: Transcribing business meetings, interviews, or conferences, requiring attention to detail and understanding of business language.
  • General Transcription: Providing transcription services across various domains, requiring accurate typing and listening skills, often working with diverse subjects and formats.

Science Writing

Science writing involves the communication of scientific information, concepts, and research findings to a diverse audience. It can include academic writing for scholarly publications, journalistic reporting for the general public, or specialized content for professionals in fields like medicine, environmental science, or technology.

Examples of Science Writing Jobs

  • Research Article Writing: Crafting scientific articles based on research findings, requiring a deep understanding of the subject matter and scientific methodologies.
  • Popular Science Writing: Writing articles that translate complex scientific concepts into accessible language for the general public.
  • Medical Science Writing: Creating content related to medical science, including research summaries, patient education materials, or pharmaceutical marketing.
  • Environmental Science Writing: Writing about environmental topics, including conservation, climate change, or sustainability, often aimed at educating or advocating.

E-book Writing

E-book writers create digital books on a variety of subjects. They may write fiction or non-fiction e-books and often work with self-publishing platforms, allowing for flexibility and creativity.

Examples of E-book Writing Jobs

  • Fiction E-Book Writing: Crafting fictional works for digital publication, ranging from novels to short story collections. This can include various genres such as romance, mystery, science fiction, and more.
  • Non-Fiction E-Book Writing: Writing non-fiction e-books on subjects like history, science, self-help, or business. It requires thorough research and an ability to present facts in an engaging way.
  • Educational E-Book Writing: Creating educational materials for e-book format, including textbooks, study guides, or instructional manuals, often aimed at students or learners in a specific field.
  • Technical E-Book Writing: Writing technical e-books that cover specific technologies, tools, or methods, often targeted at professionals or enthusiasts in fields like IT, engineering, or specialized trades.

Travel Writing

Travel writers document their travel experiences, insights, and recommendations. They may write for travel magazines, blogs, or guidebooks, sharing their knowledge and passion for exploring new places.

Examples of Travel Writing Jobs

  • Destination Guides: Writing detailed guides about travel destinations, including attractions, accommodations, culture, and insider tips.
  • Travel Blogging: Creating engaging travel blog posts that share personal experiences, advice, and insights, often accompanied by photos or videos.
  • Travel Reviews: Writing reviews of travel services such as hotels, restaurants, or tours, providing valuable information for other travelers.
  • Travel Books: Crafting long-form travel books, often combining personal narratives, cultural observations, and practical advice.

Speech Writing

Speech writing involves crafting a spoken address or discourse, focusing on a specific topic, audience, and purpose. The writer must consider the speaker's voice, style, and goals, creating a script that is engaging, persuasive, or informative, as the occasion demands.

Examples of Speech Writing Jobs

  • Political Speech Writing: Crafting speeches for political figures, focusing on persuasive rhetoric, policy details, and alignment with political messaging.
  • Corporate Speech Writing: Writing speeches for business leaders, such as CEOs or managers, tailored to specific events, audiences, or corporate goals.
  • Motivational Speech Writing: Creating inspiring speeches for motivational speakers, coaches, or educators, often centered around personal growth, success, or empowerment.
  • Wedding Speech Writing: Crafting personalized speeches for weddings, including best man speeches, maid of honor speeches, or toasts, often mixing humor, sentiment, and celebration.


As we've explored the vast landscape of 21 types of writing jobs in this guide, one thing becomes clear: the world of writing is continually evolving, and its importance for businesses stands out prominently. With the advent of AI, the role of the writer has not only become more accessible but also more efficient, enabling writers to focus on what they do best while leveraging technology to enhance their work. 

Whether you're interested in remote work, freelance opportunities, or joining a vibrant team, your words can make a difference. With so many unique paths to explore, there's a writing job that's just right for you!