What is a Social Media Evaluator? Companies, How to Apply, etc.

Job description

A social media evaluator is a rater who provides feedback on news feeds, advertisements and search results for social media websites like Facebook and Instagram. It is a beginner-friendly work from home job as it requires no prior experience.

There is a wide range of tasks that can be performed by social media evaluators. For example:

  • Rate the quality and relevance of ads
  • Assign posts to a predefined category of topics
  • Answer questions about the intent behind searches on social media platforms
  • Evaluate claims stated in pieces of content such as images and videos
  • Evaluate the realness of events and whether they are duplicates
  • Etc.

Simply put, the work of a social media evaluator helps social media companies improve the services they provide to their users.

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The current pay rate for social media evaluators can range from $3/hour to $20/hour. The pay rate may vary depending on the rater's country, project and the company for which they are working. In the US, it may also vary by state.

Social media evaluators earn by the hour or by tasks; it depends on the project. Considering that the workload is between 5 and 30 hours per week on average, their average monthly income can widely range from as low as about $60 to as much as about $2400.


The social media evaluator job is currently available at Appen and TELUS International's AI Community (formerly Lionbridge AI).

At Appen, the most common way to become a social media evaluator is by applying for the internet analyst position. Once your application is approved, they will invite you to projects where there are vacancies available for your location.

This is the approach most commonly used by Appen recently, where they don't have a social media evaluator position but instead have a variety of social media evaluator jobs that are referred to by different project names. For example, projects Uolo, Amur, Nile, and Truckee, to name a few. Social media evaluation is considered one of the best entry-level Appen jobs. For more information on how to land a work-from-home job with Appen, make sure to read this post.

From time to time, TELUS International AI also opens vacancies for social media evaluators. Here you can check the locations that are currently accepting applications for this role. Social media evaluation is one of the top TELUS International rating jobs that you can do from home.

All consultants providing services to Appen are paid through Payoneer, which is also available as a payment method for some agents at TELUS International.

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Job Requirements

To be eligible for the social media evaluator role, candidates must have:

  • Access to a computer with a sound card and speakers and to a smartphone that is less than three years old
  • Access to a secure high-speed internet connection and quiet non-public workspace
  • Active, daily use of social media
  • Fluency in written English and local language (if from a non-English speaking country)
  • Ability to work from home with applications, troubleshoot software, and execute instructions independently
  • Attention to detail and a commitment to quality


Social Media Evaluator positions are part-time (up to 20 hours per week) and usually require 1-4 hours of work per day, 5-7 days a week.

Project duration varies considerably, ranging from one-off types of tasks to long-term projects that can last 12 months or longer.

Application Process

The first step to becoming a social media evaluator is to check if these companies are hiring in your locale. You can check and apply directly through the following websites:

As mentioned previously, at Appen you must apply for the Internet Analyst position in order to participate in projects that may include social media evaluation tasks. They usually don't have a social media evaluator position that you can directly apply for.

If they like your application, they will get back to you. Please note that this process can take weeks or even months as it will depend on the number of vacancies they have available.

Once you hear back from the company you are applying for, they will send you specific instructions and guidelines that vary from project to project.


There is not a standard exam for social media evaluators as the guidelines vary considerably depending on the type of project.

Social media evaluation is a very broad category and you must prepare by following the instructions that are specific to the kind of project you are assigned to.

Is Social Media Evaluation an AI Training Job?

Yes, a social media evaluator is a type of job that often involves training or assessing AI algorithms. These evaluators analyze and rate the content on social media platforms to help improve the accuracy and relevance of AI-driven content recommendations, search results, and ad placements.

While a social media evaluator's job is not to develop or program AI systems directly, their input is invaluable in training and improving AI algorithms that are used to manage and curate content on social media platforms.


A social media evaluator plays a critical role in enhancing the overall user experience on social media platforms. As the demand for more refined and personalized online experiences continues to grow, fueled by the evolution of AI, pursuing a career as a social media evaluator can allow you to be a part of an industry that is continually progressing.

If you are passionate about social media and making a positive impact on the digital world, take the first step towards this in-demand career and apply to become a social media evaluator today!