Search Evaluator is now Wahojobs

We are pleased to announce that Search Evaluator is now Wahojobs, the job site providing work-at-home opportunities for all. With this rebranding and scope expansion, we are now able to not only provide information about these jobs, but also list remote companies and their open online positions.

About Search Evaluator

The Search Evaluator project consisted of three sites:

  1. Search Evaluator Academy – a school for search engine evaluators who work or intend to work on Google's search quality rating program.

The purpose of this website is to introduce you to search evaluation, let you practice the examples from the guidelines and present an innovative methodology for rating search results called SEA Model. The model is tailored for applicants for Google's search quality rating project, for evaluators that are already in production and want to improve the quality of their work, and also for SEOs and marketers who are looking to learn more about web search evaluation to apply this knowledge on their content and optimization strategies.

  1. Search Evaluator Blog – a site for discovering and learning about work-from-home opportunities, particularly entry-level ones that require little or no experience.

This blog originated as an offshoot of the Search Evaluator Academy and was launched to provide educational resources on search engine evaluation. Over time, we felt compelled to expand the scope and offer quality content about other types of online jobs as well.

  1. Search Evaluator Partners – a site for SEO consulting services whose methodology draws from Google's search quality rating program and guidelines.

Search Evaluator Partners is a program to advise businesses, SEO practitioners and marketers about the best practices to develop a strong and sustainable web presence. Our methodology draws from Google's search quality rating program and guidelines, and we are constantly evolving in our quest to bring the search quality evaluator perspective to Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing.

Those three sites are now at the domain.