Nile Project at Appen: What Is It All About?

Project Nile is a social media evaluator job at Appen that involves the evaluation of Facebook ads. The goal of project Nile is to help Facebook test if its algorithms are displaying the types of ads that their users would like to see. It is very popular among beginners in the work-from-home space as it is generally considered easy to grasp.

Project Nile has gained a lot of popularity for offering a little but steady stream of remote, online work -- 1 hour/day guaranteed. Therefore, unlike most Appen remote projects, Nile is not subject to high volatility in the availability of tasks. It also means that you can really decide what time of the day to work, which is not possible in most other projects where raters need to wait for new tasks to be loaded into the system throughout the day.

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How Project Nile Works

Every day, Nile raters receive a batch containing 30 Facebooks Ads to be evaluated. The work is carried out through a Facebook platform known as FRT (Feed Rating Tool).

The task is to give your opinion about some quality and relevance characteristics of the ads. More specifically, you will be asked how much you feel that the ad is relevant, useful, entertaining, offensive, and misleading. You must answer these questions using a 3-point scale.

Next, you will be asked: “How much do you want to see this in your News Feed?”. This question must be answered using a scale of 1 to 5. Make sure that your answer reflects the ratings that you have previously assigned. For example, if you say that the ad is offensive and/or misleading, you should avoid rating it 4 or 5 as it makes little sense that you’d like to see an ad that offends or deceives you.

Finally, you need to describe, in your own words, why you feel this way about the ad.

Bake Off Tasks

After submitting all your answers, you will have to wait about an hour to complete what they call “bake off”. The bakeoff is a simple, very quick task where you will be shown, side by side, multiple pairs of ads. These pairs of ads are picked from the ones that you have previously rated. Your job will be to select, from the two ads that are displayed in your screen, which one you prefer.

Unlike other projects where you are trained to assign the ratings based on specific instructions, project Nile requires that you assign the ratings based on your own opinions about the ads.

How much does Project Nile pay?

As with all projects in Appen, the salary one can expect to earn will vary depending on the country where the rater is located. In general, a social media evaluator working on Project Nile can expect to earn anything between $5 and $20 / hour, and the average rate in most countries is between $9 and $14 per hour.

In the Nile project, you are required to work a minimum of 5 days (= 5 hours) per week and no more than 7 days (hours) / week. Therefore, the maximum amount you can earn is the result of the following formula:

  • 30 (max number of days you can work in a month) x 1 (hour/day) x pay rate in your country.

If the rate in your country is $13/hour for this project, your maximum monthly salary with Project Nile will be $390 (= 30 x 1 x $13).

Payment Method

All Appen raters working on long term projects like this one are paid on a monthly basis through Payoneer. By signing up for a Payoneer account with our link, you will receive a $50 bonus as per the terms described on their website. Sign up today to take advantage of this campaign while it’s available.

How to Apply for Project Nile

If you don’t have an Appen account yet, the first step is to register as an Internet Analyst on Appen Connect (click here to go to the registration page). Once your account has been created, look for project Nile on the ‘All Projects’ tab.

Please note that Appen has hundreds of different work-from-home projects, and only a few of them may become available on your projects page. The list of available projects depends on a variety of factors, such as rater location, experience and performance.

If Project Nile is available, click on Qualify and follow the instructions provided in the project page.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Project Nile at Appen

How long does Project Nile last?

The Nile project at Appen is a well-established online project that has been around for many years. However, this project generally lasts between 12-18 months for each rater.

The reason for this is that Facebook aims to gain insight and data from a wide variety of raters. Due to this, raters are rotated off the program as they receive sufficient data from them. This is a necessary step to allow for new raters to join.

What is the email that Appen sends Nile raters when they are dismissed from the project?

Once you have successfully completed your participation on Project Nile, this is the email you will receive from Appen, usually after 12 to 18 months from the day you started.

"Dear Nile participant,

We appreciate all the efforts you have made during your time on the Nile project to provide good quality data. For this project we aim to gain insight and data from a wide variety of raters, and due to this, raters are rotated off the program as we receive sufficient data from them, in order to allow for new raters to join.

Our system has confirmed that we have received sufficient data from you at this time. The last day of your project access will be (the date is informed). Until then, please continue to work your normal hours and maintain the high standards of excellence you have attained.

Thank you for working with Appen. We encourage you to visit the Projects page on the Appen Connect website for other projects that may be available to you.
Should you wish to be removed from the project prior to the date mentioned above, please let us know.

Kind Regards."

What are the requirements to work on Project Nile?

The only requirement to work on this project is that you have an active Facebook account with at least 100 friends. This is important because if your list of friends is too small, the system will have difficulties to generate a complete list of ads.

Is there a qualification exam?

There is no qualification exam required to work on the Nile project. However, once you receive the invitation to work on this project, you need to complete the lessons available on the Academy section of its project page. Only then will you be able to create an account in the rating tool (FRT) and begin to work.

How long does it take to start working after being approved?

After you successfully complete the quizzes and lessons that are available on Nile project’s page, it can usually take up to two weeks before you receive your first tasks.

Is this project easy or difficult?

Project Nile is considered an easy project as there are no extensive guidelines to be studied. The project tool is simple, the questions are straightforward, and all ratings must be based on your own perception about the ads.