What is a Maps Quality Analyst at TELUS International?

TELUS International AI (formerly Lionbridge AI) hires Online Map Quality Analysts on an ongoing basis and this work from home job is available in over 20 different countries across the globe.

This article will explore the most important things you need to know about this remote job.

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What is an online map quality analyst?

Map quality analysts perform mostly map-related tasks that involve evaluating the relevance and accuracy of information. They answer questions like: Is the result returned accurate? Is the business name correct? What about the address and pin location? It is one of the search engine evaluator jobs that is available at the AI Community by TELUS International. At Appen, it is known by the name of Project Shasta.

The client is Apple and the goal of this project is to improve the quality and relevance of their map service (Apple Maps). This task must be accomplished through research on the web, following the project guidelines.

This role involves applying local knowledge to determine if the information presented is correct and relevant to users. Occasionally, there are also non-map-related tasks to be completed.

What are the requirements for this job?

Candidates for the online maps quality role at TELUS International must possess the following skills:

  • Good knowledge and understanding of country-level local, cultural and geographical information
  • Know-how in using online maps and superior online research skills
  • Fluency in English and local language (if applying from a non-English speaking country)
  • You must be living in the country for which you are applying for the last 3 consecutive years

The Online Map Quality Analyst role is one of the top rating jobs at TELUS International where you can work online remotely.

Online map quality analyst salary

The pay varies by country and is assigned based on task completion — more complex tasks will pay higher rates, which can range from less than $0.25/task to over $0.90/task.

There are many different types of tasks for this position and your earnings are limited by the work you can complete within the 20 hours weekly limit. That is to say, raters who work fast without compromising on quality will earn more.

A map quality analyst on Reddit claims to be able to make as much as $50/hour on "pedestrian and routing" tasks, and $10 to $20 an hour on average.

Online map quality analyst exam

The exam is based on a 200-page guidelines document that provides detailed instructions on how to perform the core of the job. You will receive these guidelines once your application is approved.

Similarly to the qualification process for the search engine evaluator position, the exam for the online maps quality analyst role is also divided into parts.

Part 1 is a 20-questions theoretical exam based on the content of the guidelines. You can consult the guidelines while taking the exam, of course.

Part 2 is a practical exam where you will be required to evaluate map results returned from specific search queries.

How to become an online maps quality analyst?

To become a maps quality analyst at TELUS International, the first thing you need to do is check whether you fulfill the requirements for the job. These requirements are explained above. Then you need to check if this position is available in your country and apply.

The list of countries with open positions for this role can be found on the AI Community careers page. After applying, you will be directed to the TELUS International Recruitment Application Wizard. You must follow the instructions provided on that platform to complete your application. Good luck!