What is Lionbridge AI? Here is What You Need to Know

What is Lionbridge AI? Here is What You Need to Know

In this article, you will learn about Lionbridge AI, a subdivision of Lionbridge for AI training and rating jobs.

What is Lionbridge AI?

Lionbridge AI, which is now known as AI Community after being acquired by Telus International in 2021, offers a range of jobs that you can do from home. These are mostly language jobs, AI training tasks, or evaluations of services provided by search engines and social media platforms.

Through its global crowdsourcing platform, previously known as The Smart Crowd, then Lionbridge AI and now AI Community by Telus International, it’s estimated that the company has hundreds of thousands of home-based agents at its disposal for opportunities in business services, search evaluation, content and media, categorization, and data management.

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Lionbridge Jobs

Lionbridge jobs used to be divided into four main categories:

  • Corporate Associates
  • Raters, Annotators and Testers
  • Translators & Agencies
  • Interpreters

Apart from the raters, annotators and testers category, which has moved into the TELUS International AI community, all other job categories are still in Lionbridge. You can learn more about the best rating jobs at TELUS International AI in this article.

Corporate Associates

Corporate Associates are the people who make the business run. There are opportunities available in a variety of business departments, from human resources and finance to marketing and sales.

Candidates for these positions will have the chance to join a team of over 6,000 Lionbridge employees across 26 different countries. The positions are in person and those who get hired will have access to a list of benefit programs offered by the company.

Raters, Annotators and Testers

Raters, Annotators and Testers are the people who worked in the division known as Business Process Crowdsourcing (BPC) at Lionbridge, which were segmented into three verticals:

  • Data Services, which is basically applying human intelligence in the process of data entry, data processing, and data enrichment.
  • Global Testing, which comprises in-country testing, user experience testing, functional testing and search relevance.
  • Language Services, which is divided into crowd translation and interpretation services.

Apart from language services, this division is now part of TELUS International's AI Community.

Translators & Agencies

This category is available for individual freelancers as well as translation agencies who want to become a Lionbridge partner.

Candidates are required to complete an extensive registration form, which is supposed to allow Lionbridge to assign projects that match the candidate’s skills.

Since the focus of this application method is translation services, you are much more likely to be invited to participate in a project if you have previous experience and demonstrated expertise in this area.


Lionbridge offers interpretation services in over 360 languages and dialects. The freelance interpreter position has both on-site and telephonic opportunities available. Interpreters interact with Lionbridge’s clients during assignments, ensuring high-quality and timely delivery of interpretation to and from English.

Our focus in this article will be on opportunities for testers, raters, and curators, but before I go into the details of these positions, let’s go through each one of these categories.

Lionbridge AI

Lionbridge AI, previously known as The Smart Crowd and now AI Community by Telus International, is the platform where candidates can apply for roles as testers, raters or annotators. These are part-time, work-from-home jobs where the position type is independent contractor.

Similarly to Appen, which was Lionbridge’s main competitor for crowdsourcing jobs, their main clients in this modality are Google and Facebook. Most people who apply via the AI Community site will be offered jobs that involve tasks for either one or both of these companies.

Common Rater Jobs

AI Community raters are given different job titles depending on the project they are working on and their country of residence.

The most popular jobs, which are available in many countries, are:

Personalized Internet Assessor

An Internet Assessor or Personalized Internet Assessor is a search engine evaluator job at Telus International (previously Lionbridge AI) that is the equivalent of the Yukon project at Appen.

The core of the job is to assign quality ratings for web pages and relevance ratings for search results, but there are also other types of tasks available. The client is Google and this job is for its web search service.

Internet Assessor Training

At the Search Evaluator Academy, we have three courses that will help you understand what the internet assessor job is about and pass the qualification exam.

The first of these courses is Introduction to Search Evaluation, where you will learn the basics about web search evaluation: what it is, the application process and the qualification process. The course is free and you will take less than 15 minutes to complete it.

Another course is the General Guidelines Training, an essential resource for applicants. The course will let you practice the examples included in Google's general guidelines for search quality raters, which is the document used by raters to perform the work. Those guidelines are the study material for the qualification exam to become a search engine evaluator (internet assessor).

The third course is called SEA Model - Master Search Evaluation. It helps to boost the applicant’s preparation for the qualification exam and is also recommended for people who are already Google raters and want to dramatically improve their performance and rating skills.

Personalized Internet Ads Assessor

Personalized Internet Ads Assessors review online advertisements and provide feedback to the client (Google) about the ads’ quality and relevance for the query issued by the user.

Ads assessors are also responsible for examining the tone, grammar and appropriateness of the ads to the cultural context of the user. Anything that might be considered offensive, for example, must be reported.

Online Map Quality Analyst

Online Map Quality Analysts are responsible for completing tasks related to mapping and routing, and the tasks are to evaluate the relevance and accuracy of map results. The client is Apple and this job is for its maps service.

Besides those three positions, there are also other job titles that are available only in some or a few countries. For example:

  • Multimedia Judge
  • Personalized / Social Media Internet Assessor
  • Personalized Online Advertising Researcher
  • Internet Search Administrator
  • Games Console Tester
  • In-Country Financial Consultant
  • US Mobile Search Reviewer
  • Etc.

According to our research, it’s possible that some of these positions refer to the exact same tasks as some of the job titles mentioned previously. For example, the job description of the Personalized Online Advertising Researcher looks the same as the Personalized Internet Ads Assessor’s description.

Lionbridge AI Salary

The pay rate for home-based workers at Lionbridge AI (now AI Community by Telus International) ranges from $8/hour to $15/hour on average. The rate of pay varies by project, locale and admission date.