What is AI Community Surfer at TELUS International? (+ Salary)

What is AI Community Surfer at TELUS International? (+ Salary)

AI Community Surfer is a relatively new role that has become available at TELUS International in recent months. In this article, you will be able to learn a bit more about this job.

What does an AI Community Surfer do?

An AI Community Surfer at TELUS International is a freelance job that involves helping the client (Microsoft) test and improve their machine learning models. AI Community Surfers do search evaluation tasks like analyzing a query and selecting the most relevant response, data annotation tasks like labeling objects in images, labeling words in bodies of text, labeling voice recordings and more. 

The role is somewhat similar to search engine evaluation, but it pays for completed tasks and not by the hour. Also, unlike Google search evaluation projects that use a platform known as Raterhub, AI Community Surfers use UHRS (Universal Human Relevance System), a crowdsourcing platform by Microsoft used for improving the search engine Bing.

AI Community Surfer Salary

Since the AI Community Surfer role pays per task and not by the hour, the salary range can vary greatly depending on the availability and complexity of tasks. Relatively easy tasks that take a few minutes to complete will pay less than more complex ones that require more time and effort.

That said, you can expect to earn anything between $300 and $2000 per month as an AI Community Surfer at TELUS International. Most "surfers" will make between $700 and $1400 on average per month.

How to Become an AI Community Surfer

First, set up an account by completing the registration form on the signup page. Once your account is set up, you can use the filters on its AI Careers Portal to check if there are open AI Community Surfer positions in your country. Tip: type in the word "surfer" on the search field and hit Search.

If open AI Community Surfer positions are available in your country, you can then click on the job listing to learn more about the role. If you think you’re a good fit, click on the green button Apply Now at the top or bottom of the job page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications or skills required for the AI Community Surfer role?

Generally, AI Community Surfers should have strong analytical skills, attention to detail, and familiarity with search engines. They should be able to follow guidelines and provide consistent, unbiased feedback. Basic computer skills and a reliable internet connection are also required.

Is there any training provided for new AI Community Surfers?

Yes, TELUS International will provide training materials and guidelines to help new AI Community Surfers understand their tasks and the expectations of the role. This may include reading materials, videos, or even short quizzes.

Are there any performance metrics or evaluations for AI Community Surfers?

Performance evaluations for AI Community Surfers focus on factors such as task completion rate, quality and accuracy of work, consistency in evaluations, responsiveness to feedback, effective communication, adherence to deadlines, and improvement over time. These metrics help ensure that AI Community Surfers contribute effectively to the project by maintaining high-quality standards, while also identifying areas for improvement and providing guidance to enhance their skills and performance.


The AI Community Surfer role at TELUS International offers a unique and flexible opportunity for individuals interested in contributing to the improvement of machine learning models and search engine algorithms.

As a freelance position, it provides flexibility and the ability to work remotely, while also offering experience in the rapidly growing field of AI.