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AI Website Builder

By Wix



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$17 - $159 / month


AI Web Designer by Wix enables swift creation of unique, ready-for-business websites with AI technology. Users have the option for extensive customization in design, text, and layouts to perfectly align with their vision.


Core Features

  • AI-driven Creation Process: Users can chat with the AI to turn business ideas into a customized site, refining elements like design, text, and layout to match their vision.

  • Built-in Business Solutions: It includes features like scheduling, online store, and event management, automatically integrated into the website.

  • Robust Infrastructure: Websites come with fast loading speeds, strong security, scalable web hosting, and custom domain options.

  • Marketing and SEO Tools: Built-in tools for marketing, SEO, CRM, and analytics to help in driving traffic and making informed decisions.

  • 24/7 Support: Extensive support options including a help center and real-time chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What defines an AI website builder?

An AI website builder employs artificial intelligence to facilitate rapid and intuitive website construction, allowing users to interactively input preferences and receive a customizable site blueprint.

What benefits does the AI website builder from Wix offer?

This builder integrates advanced GenAI technology, offering a holistic website creation tool. It includes SEO optimization, marketing tools, and comprehensive site management, all built on a secure and robust platform.

How does one create a website using this AI technology?

Users initiate the process by providing a brief through interactive dialogue. The AI then generates a site outline that users can refine and adjust in terms of layout, imagery, and text directly within the editor.

Is there a cost to use this AI website builder?

Initial site creation is free, with advanced features, such as custom domains and online payments, available through subscription plans.

Can users personalize their AI-generated website?

Yes, extensive personalization is possible. Users have the flexibility to tweak the AI's initial design, including themes and layouts, ensuring the final site aligns with their vision.

What is the timeframe for creating a site with AI?

The AI significantly speeds up the site creation process, offering a functional website in moments. Further customization time varies based on user preferences.

Do AI-created sites support mobile responsiveness?

Websites are automatically optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless user experience across different screens.

Are hosting and domain services included?

The AI builder includes multi-cloud hosting. Domain services, including a free domain voucher, are available with premium plan upgrades.

What additional AI tools does Wix offer?

Wix enriches site customization with AI tools for text generation, image creation and enhancement, and SEO optimization, among others.

How does Wix ADI differ from Wix AI?

Wix ADI, the precursor to the AI builder, offered a simpler, selection-based design process. The newer AI builder enhances customization capabilities, incorporating more sophisticated AI tools and design options.

For more detailed information, visit Wix's AI Website Builder.