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By Visily




Visily is a user-friendly AI tool designed to enhance UI design processes. It allows users to quickly generate appealing and functional interfaces, supporting both novice and experienced designers.


Core Features

  • Brainstorming Tools: Facilitates workshops and brainstorming sessions to encourage creative idea generation within teams.

  • Design Generation AI: Allows users to quickly create wireframes or detailed flows using AI-powered design tools, requiring no prior design experience.

  • High-Fidelity Templates: Offers over 1,500 prebuilt templates that can be used to create designs and prototypes.

  • Text to Diagram: Converts simple text prompts into editable flowcharts and diagrams, enhancing visual communication.

  • Screenshot to Design: Converts screenshots into editable design elements, simplifying the process of tweaking existing user interfaces.

  • Sketch to Design: Transforms hand-drawn sketches into editable digital designs, facilitating a smooth transition from paper to prototype.

  • Unified Workflow: Supports a cohesive design process from ideation, through wireframing, to prototyping, ensuring a streamlined workflow for product development.

  • Collaborative Environment: Designed for team collaboration, enabling members to share and work on product experiences together effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can users do with Visily’s AI functionality?

With Visily, users can perform a variety of UI-related tasks using AI. Common use cases include:

  • Adding more screens: Users can input plain text through the Text to Design feature or submit images using the Screenshot to Design and Sketch to Design functionalities to create additional screens.

  • Exploring theme options: The tool allows users to experiment with different theme options using Text to Design and Magic Theme AI, helping them find a suitable visual style for their UI.

  • Customizing wireframe content: Through Magic Content & Magic Image features, users can evaluate different content options to improve the quality and effectiveness of their UI designs.