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AI Website Builder

By TeleportHQ



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$18 / month


TeleportHQ's AI Website Builder simplifies website and UI element creation with ChatGPT prompts. It merges AI efficiency with user customization for quick, revolutionary web design and deployment.

Core Features

  • AI Website Design Generator: Creates websites with responsive layouts from ChatGPT prompts, enabling quick prototyping and design.

  • Customization and Editing: Offers a visual editor for further modifications of layouts and designs generated by AI.

  • Theme Selection: Users can choose color themes for their pages, enhancing the visual appeal and consistency.

  • Code Export: The tool allows for the export of AI-generated code, making it useful for developers.

  • AI-Powered Text Editing: Enhances text elements using AI prompts for more dynamic content creation.

  • Optimization: Ensures websites are responsive and optimized for performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TeleportHQ's AI website builder?

It's a tool designed to streamline web development by automating page creation from templates using AI, based on user-provided descriptions.

How do I start a new project with TeleportHQ's AI?

Begin from the dashboard by creating a new project, selecting the AI option, describing your project, choosing a theme and color mode, and waiting for the AI to generate your project.

Can I generate new pages within an AI project?

Yes, within the editor, you can add new pages by specifying the page content through a prompt. This feature is exclusive to AI-generated projects.

How can I edit text with AI in TeleportHQ?

Select the text element and use the AI context menu to modify text directly, with options to rewrite, shorten, lengthen, or change the tone.

What limitations should I be aware of when using the AI website builder?

Currently, it doesn't support the creation of new sections with specific elements; it constructs pages based on predefined templates.

Is it possible to customize the style of my AI-generated project?

While initial styles are determined by the theme and color mode selected, detailed customization can be done manually within the project editor.

Can AI help with content creation within the website?

The AI integration offers text editing capabilities, including rewriting, shortening, expanding, and tonal adjustments.

Who can benefit from using TeleportHQ's AI website builder?

It's ideal for developers, designers, and business owners looking for a streamlined, AI-assisted approach to website creation.

For more detailed information, visit the Artificial Intelligence support section of the TeleportHQ Help Center.