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Maket - Generative Design for Residential Planning

By Maket



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Maket leverages generative AI to revolutionize residential planning, offering tools for automated floorplan generation, 3D rendering, and style customization. The platform simplifies early-stage planning, supports informed decision-making with expert guidance, and ensures compliance with zoning codes.

Core Features

  • Automated Floorplan Generation: Utilizes AI to automatically generate residential floorplans quickly, incorporating user-specified room dimensions and adjacency constraints.

  • 3D Rendering and Style Customization: Enables users to explore and visualize different design styles in 3D, with the ability to effortlessly transition between styles and customize design elements.

  • Informed Decision Making: Offers a virtual assistant that provides expert guidance on materials, costs, and design possibilities, helping users make educated choices.

  • Regulatory Confidence: Includes a Regulatory Assistant that simplifies navigating zoning codes and regulations, ensuring designs comply with all necessary requirements to avoid potential delays.

  • Instant Generation and Export: Allows for the rapid creation of design concepts and the ability to export designs in .DXF format for further use.

  • Explore Design Styles: Users can instantly visualize various design styles with a single text prompt, making it easy to preview and modify designs based on preferences.

  • Real-Time Collaboration: Supports collaborative work environments, enabling real-time design modifications and discussions among team members.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Maket's Plan Generator, and how does it work?

Maket's Plan Generator uses AI to instantly create customized residential floorplans based on specific design requirements, optimizing both creativity and efficiency.

Can Maket's platform help explore different interior and exterior design styles?

Yes, users can utilize text prompts with Maket's Virtual Designer to visualize and experiment with diverse design styles, ensuring alignment with client preferences.

How can Maket provide information about materials, costs, and design options?

Maket's Virtual Assistant offers real-time guidance and insights about materials, costs, and design choices, providing expert information on demand.

What is Maket's Regulatory Assistant, and how can it help navigate zoning codes?

Maket's Regulatory Assistant simplifies zoning research by allowing users to upload PDFs, ask questions in plain language, and receive instant answers for code compliance.

Can Maket assist with both the design and regulatory aspects of an architectural project?

Yes, Maket's platform integrates design automation, knowledge assistance, and regulatory compliance, providing a comprehensive solution for a seamless design process.