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By Durable



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$15 - $95 / month


Durable's AI Website Builder lets businesses rapidly create functional websites in 30 seconds. This includes hosting, analytics, and access to extensive visual assets, all with no coding required.

Core Features

  • Rapid Website Creation: Generate a business website quickly based on user inputs, emphasizing efficiency.

  • Customizable Templates: While initially based on premade templates, users have flexibility in customization.

  • Hosting and Analytics: Every subscription includes hosting services, website analytics, and a custom domain, ensuring businesses can easily track performance.

  • Rich Media Content: Access to professional images and icons to enhance website design.

  • AI-powered Editor: Customize sites with various components like testimonials and scheduling without coding.

  • SEO Optimization: Built-in tools to help improve search engine visibility.

  • Robust Security: Features such as DDOS protection, SSL, firewall, and a global CDN for enhanced security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my existing domain with Durable?

Yes, you can integrate an existing domain by adjusting settings with your domain provider, which takes about five minutes.

Does Durable offer white-label services?

Currently, Durable does not offer white-label services, but you can manage multiple websites under Durable Pro.

Is Durable suitable for creating e-commerce websites?

While not specifically designed for e-commerce, users have successfully launched e-commerce sites using Durable.

Are websites created with Durable secure?

Yes, Durable uses Cloudflare for hosting, offering SSL generation, firewalls, and protection against web attacks, including DDos.

Do I have to pay extra for a custom domain?

Custom domains are included in all Durable subscriptions at no additional cost.

Can I transfer my Durable website to someone else?

Yes, you can add users to a website and transfer ownership by changing account and billing settings.

Can I edit the HTML of my Durable website?

Durable is a no-code platform, limiting HTML customization. However, specific requests can be addressed by contacting support.

What happens to my custom domain if I leave Durable?

If you cancel your account, you can arrange to transfer your custom domain out of Durable.

For other questions and support, visit Durable Help Center.